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And guess what? A majority of those women who have trouble with adult acne report that they get their flare ups around menstruation. So here we go. So that leads us well into the big h word we haven't thrown around in a while. I don't think he'll be Kristen. I don't know maybe like a couple of episodes or something. Well, that's a long time for us. And so we're going to we're going to turn back to old hormones because just just as in the teenage years that's a major cause of adult acne. But I would say that the causes of adult acne are a bit trickier to unwind than they are for teenagers for teenagers is seems that treatment is pretty straightforward and the causes are pretty straightforward. But it gets a little trickier. We'll trickier once you're out of school because the interesting thing is with the hormones as it relates to women in adult acne a lot of times. You guys are probably guessing right now, let me guess crucial. Molly, you're gonna talk about estrogen for another twenty minutes. Psych Steph saw strewn, and it's Andrew jen's, which you've talked about before. Especially if you remember our Pecos podcast. That's an Anderson imbalance and some an acne is one of the main symptoms of Pecos polycystic ovary syndrome. And so sometimes I'm going to go in and people might just immediately jumped to that. And that causes the acne people to, you know, get get kind of thrown off because they've done a few studies about whether Andrew Johns can be the cause of this persistent acne in later years in women and studies are really inconclusive in terms of, you know, an extreme abnormality indicating this presence of acne and women. You know, they've done studies on all sorts of hormone levels. And there's really no clear pattern of, you know, one big hormone that's out of wack leading to adult acne. It's very very inclusive. So you can't just say, it's this hormone or another one. But they do think it has something to do with Anderson's, right? Because Andrew Jans is would be a logical conclusion because Andrew Johns if you have a spike in androgen, you're going to have a spike in Sebnem production. And Sebnem is the oil your face oil that gets into those hair follicles, clogs it up mixes with some sloth skin sales snails sound like a southern gal talking. You are. Yes. I am. And then mixes with you know, maybe some some dirt that's gotten in there. And you got yourself a pimple. Yep. And it's it's as Chris said, it sort of all below the skin. So you can't look at a teenager or woman who's really really Zizi for lack of a better word and just think oh, she has hygiene problems. She doesn't you know you can't wash away. Pimples that happens under the skin. So that's not the thing that's going on. So if it's not the Anderson's if that's still controversial. What else could it be? Doctors are also throwing out things like genetic predisposition. Sure, if you're a family member, that's got it. Bad news for you smoking is a huge one for women. Yes. Because smoking also amps up your Sieben production as well. Which makes sense because you know, if you're if you're smoking all of that smoke around your face is going to dry things out as soon as your face gets really dry. It's going to kick that oil production into overdrive cosmetics..

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