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Hey, if you're into boba Fett, I hope you checked out the ringer versus podcast by the midnight boys right after the show premiered van lathan Charles Holmes. They broke it down and also on the ringer dot com Ben Lindbergh broke it down as well. So check it out. We're also brought to you by the ringer podcast network as well as the ringer dot com where we did a bunch of best of 2021 stuff on there, including Jordan Ritter Khan wrote a really good piece about Tyler Matic who was the baseball player of the year basically for what he did in the postseason and how he conquered the gifts. But that's a must read, a lot of good stuff on there, including Brian Curtis, writing about John Madden's death and legacy. So check that out. Check out FanDuel sports book as well. We are going to be doing a couple boosts a $1 million picks in a second that we use some of the FanDuel lines. But in general, if you go to the homepage, we'll have a same game parley or an underdog parley boost or whatever, at least twice a week on there. So check out fandos sports book as well. Coming up on this podcast, we got a lot going on. We got Peter schrager. Talking about what's going on with the Cardinals. Should we believe in the rams? Should we do a rams cults parlay, all this stuff, $1 million picks? That's coming up. I have Derek Thompson from the Atlantic and from our plain English podcast talking about COVID and the misconceptions and some of the mistakes the media has made with that. And then finally, my favorite guest, as always, my daughter is always Simmons doing her yearend teen culture awards. So this is a bulbous podcast. Let's bring in pearl chip. All right, Derek Thompson is here. He writes for the Atlantic. He hosts a podcast for us that we've had for 5, 6 weeks, but is it 5, 6 weeks at this time? 5 6 weeks..

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