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Let's go back to florida president. Jose okay so i i want to talk about. This was president. George bush legitimately elected but we went to a very contentious. Two thousand if you remember and remind you. It went all the way to the united supreme court and it took them through the second week of december to actually make a decision and the supreme court for the first time the history of our country. Stop the counting of ballots in florida in overturned the local virginia or the florida supreme court. So he got sworn once you're sworn we gotta move on but do not forget. That was very important. That the supreme court of florida stopped. The counting. a balanced wasn't the case in twenty twenty. Well you came out with a new ad this week challenging mr young kuenz prioritizing election integrity. You said glen again casting doubt on election result and putting trump's conspiracy theories i. This behavior is dangerous. And it's disqualifying so my question to you is. What is the difference between what you've said and when you're accusing him of well i'll say it again. That case in two thousand went to the united states supreme court. Stop right there. The case in twenty twenty also went to the united states. Supreme court was not heard on the merits but as a matter of technical law. That's not Secondly he's avoiding but that's not even on this. That's not on the metal stamp. That's not one of the top three. Let's go to the top three last night it was. It was bad already that he can't simply say i'm look changed. My mind or twenty twenty or two thousand was really election fraud in twenty twenty. Wasn't it's going to the supreme court. You'd think virginia voters by that now. But that's not even on the top. Three here's the bronze-medal cut number sixteen and we're gonna take a clip of your comments from the last debate on parents involvement in the school curriculum. And i'm not gonna let parents rules and actually takes out make their own decision so stop the bill that i don't think parents should be tone schools. What they should teach so with that as the backdrop sir in the emerson college next star poll virginians were asked who should have more influence in their curriculum parents or school boards and we did find that the majority of parents think they should have more influence in their children's education versus the school board. So based on that do you still stand by your position. That parents should not tell the schools what they should teach for show. That was about a bill about teachers. Being able to veto books that curriculums had passed. Now if you've got five students classroom you do not want twenty-five parents picking books because you have parents who interact with the school boards working with the state board of that and the goal always is is to make sure we have the certifications to make sure every child who's getting a quality education but this is what glenn is doing this is not about parents interactions with school boards. This is a dog whistle. This is where he talks about critical race theory. Which i remind you need is not taught in virginia. And i really hate it. He really hates it but he can't define it. I'll come to that. I'll tell you why in a second but we're not gonna go there yet. This is the silver medal for own-goal last night. Terry mcauliffe cut number fourteen. Now my question is. Are you still proud to have the endorsement of the new virginia. Majority listen into the issue is when i was governor i had the lowest crime rate of any state in the united states in arca. I think that's what your viewers are actually concerned about when i ran for governor and we had a thousand sheriff's on food stamps. I made a pledge answered that to get everyone off of food stamps. I'm the first governor to receive an honorary sheriff award from the sheriffs. I have tremendous support. I gave my state police. I gave my law enforcement pay raises and all it's been but my question sunni answered. Are you still proud to have the endorsement of the new virginia majority. Yes or no. Listen groups endorse me. You're not thousands of them this this this group. Are you still there. I do not support eighty defunding the please i actually funded the police. In as i say. I had the lowest crime rate of any major state in america. That's just plain fact. So you've got groups endorsing to really what virginians care about that. When i was governor bipartisan way past past the toughest domestic violence law in the united states of america and glenn ymcamn. He wants to rollback background. Third time. where. You still proud to have the endorsement of the new virginia majority any group that wants to endorse endorse. I do not support some plan. If someone says you want to define the police funded the police. And i'm very proud of it so you are you are. You're still proud to have their endorsement. I p people. Dr smith so been here's body. Language is so bad. I mean the jury wouldn't even take a minute to convict him of lying look. Prince's blanding is the progressive in the race. The african american activists running and off votes from terry mcauliffe. He can't repudiate even radical groups like the virginia. New virginia majority that wanted to find the play. He can't repudiate anyone any every he can't win by the way. And then glenn young and has got a significant lead at this point. But how bad was this. This is the gold medal. This is the one where you say to yourself terry. Mcauliffe has lost it and should not come back because well he's lost more than a step number one. This is terry mcauliffe and critical race. Theory number thirteen. How do you define critical race theory. I answered this question very clearly. It's not talking. Virginia and it's never been taught in virginia and as i've said this lot it's a dog whistle. It's racial its division and it's used by glenn yongqing and others. This is the same thing with trump and the border wall to divide people. We should not be dividing people in school. So how do you define it. Anita taught here and virginia. How do you define. It doesn't matter it's not taught here about time on what it is. I'm not even spending my time because the school board and everyone else has come said. It's not talk it's racist. It's a dog whistle. But if we don't have a definition how can we say it's racist. I just want a definition of virginia. We can ask about any topic. Here's what i've said all along and it really bothers me. You know i. it really bothers me. This whole idea of stern parents. Up to create divisions. Our children are going through such challenges today because colby and we're talking about something here today wasting precious viewers time who to what i'm gonna do on health care what i'm going to job creation and we're talking about something that's not talking. Let me let me then ask you. This is there anything that you would not want taught in public schools as it relates to race in history. You know i will leave this to the school boards in the state. Board of education with our experts we. We are ranked number one in the country on higher. Ed number four on k. Twelve we're doing fine but covert his created. We've got schools that need to be rebuilt. We're losing quality teachers because we don't pay our teachers. I wanna make sure all these at risk. Three or four year olds get.

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