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The new when a shot and the note used to the way football works everton of law of their last eleven would you like ice get the job and do you think if he does he'll keep them in the premier league let's be honest about it most evident funds have not wanted dump but like everyone else they're looking at the practical outlook of israel he will almost certainly key primarily i think the need to go from and go from quit pay quickly because someone mate neck and there before them and that may be quite disastrous whatever the need to stay no well what it would be an were they got a man i'm thinking to myself he knows how desperate they are he can drive of a very hard bargain this evening when he meets them you've never seen a mom with so many aces in a time where it goes into this negotiation and yes you can drive a hard bargain and were evan i'm schubert like what to do what has happened with david moyes done waste tom i give him the job to the end of the season some doesn't need to accept that now he can demand much much more between now and the end of maybe next season if they want to get rid of them after the have two pm off uh as i say is hold many coutts in his book any signs however the most important thing as he is the best in the business it keeping people in the league and at the moment that is the biggest concern forever pat nevin the reform matches in the premier league this evening including manchester united in second spot their inaction five live will cover games here the tip sedgefield 115 on but one handy hollow lingfield three o'clock number one sauce to start thinking gary now with a word about the long view he's jonathan freedland a foreign power is meddling in american democracy using stateoftheart media and technology to spray rumor and fake news in a bid to manipulate us public opinion that's the assessment of american intelligence judgment of russian intervention in the 2016 presidential election but there's a precedent in a very different context in 1945 a group of.

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