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Studio, and today we'll hear from musical director Alex Lack of more who also was behind other Broadway hits like in the Heights and dear of Enhancing And later actor Anthony Ramos, who originated the dual roles of John Laurens and Phillip Hamilton in the Broadway musical He join us to discuss his album, The Good and the Bad and his role in the upcoming movie version of in the Heights. I'll get to all of it. I'm Alison Stewart and I will meet you on the other side of the news. Life from NPR News. I'm Barbara Klein. The Labor Department says U S employers added 1.8 million jobs in July, But NPR's gyms are Oli reports the pace of economic recovery amid the Corona virus pandemic is slowing. The nation's unemployment rate fell to 10.2% last month. Down from 11.1% a month before employers continued to add jobs, especially in government and leisure and hot Ins are nearing 4.9 million, while contact tracing is crucial to curbing the spread. NPR's Selina Simmons deafened reports an NPR analysis Finds the number of contact tracers isn't growing fast enough to keep up with rising caseloads. After serving states In mid June, NPR found there were 37,000 contact tracers nationwide. Six weeks later, That number has on Ly marginally increased its now about 42,000. Several states didn't respond to multiple requests from NPR. So the real total, maybe higher. Our analysis of the staffing figures based on local case counts found on Lee, Four states and Washington D. C have enough contact tracers. Those states are Alaska, main New Hampshire and Vermont. Selina Simmons, Duffin NPR news In Lebanon, officials now say At least 155 people have died in the massive explosion that rocked Beirut This week. More than 5000 people are injured and NPR's Ruth Sherlock reports Beirut's essential infrastructure is badly damaged some of the hospitals in Beirut to a so badly damaged by the blast that they had to evacuate their patients and clothes. The World Health Organization says Beirut has lost 500 beds of capacity and the containers with thousands of pieces of personal protective equipment used to protect against the Corona virus. A destroyed There are also concerns about food supply. Beirut's port, which was destroyed in the explosion is the main entry point for food imports on which Lebanon heavily realize there are worries that prices will rise in a country already in an economic crisis. And where much of the population is already struggling to afford basic goods. Ruth Sherlock NPR news on Wall Street, The Dow is down 96 points. This is NPR. And this is WNBC in New York. Good afternoon. I'm Sean Carlson. Mayor de Blasio says New York ER's should see a quicker turnaround time for some Kobe test results. The mayor says he recently spoke with the head of Quest Diagnostics. We obviously want one day to day. That's always our goal. But four days unless we can work with But the CEO is quite clear that the worst is behind them. They've had a lot of capacity and we should not see that problem again. Deblasio says Quest is promising to get that Ford a time in a week or two. Many New Yorkers have complained that it's taking weeks to get back test results Currently CITY, MD. The wait time is about seven days. Results are in for the June primary in New York, but counting is about to resume. W My sees Brigitte Bergen says That's because of a court ruling the state has decided not to appeal. Judge Analisa Taurus had ordered the New York State Board of Elections to direct localities to count all absentee ballots, whether or not they were postmarked if they arrived one day after the primary. The order also requires counting ballots missing a postmark received by June 25th 2 days after the primary. The state Bee. We said it would appeal but then late Thursday reversed course. That means all local boards of elections must comply with the judge's ruling and submit updated election results when the counting is completed. In a statement, plaintiff's attorney Ali Nagy, Me, thanked state Attorney General Tish James for not appealing and allowing for a fuller account of votes. Showers and thunderstorms are possible. Today We'll have temperatures probably getting up into the mid I seventies through the day tomorrow or rather, tonight, we'll have a love about 70. Then tomorrow much of the same showers thunderstorms possible through the day we'll have a high of about 81 degrees. This is WNBC. It's 12. 06 Support for NPR comes from Subaru through the Subaru loved promise. Subaru and its retailers have donated more than $28 million to the CIA and local animal organizations. Subaru dot com.

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