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A sixty five day, very clean. Adam Scott shot at sixty four he's seven back with Jordan speed. And then after that does DJ at four-under. Justin rose. Nine back. I mean you're, you're talking about a, a lot of the big heavies didn't even make the cut, right? A lot of guys miss the Kaik. Tiger woods. Right. Miss the cut. Tiger Jon Rahm missed. The cut. Baba missed the cut Feerick. Tiger Stricker's Sergio, Kevin. Patrick read this jambo gay and polder is unbelievable. The amount JV homes. Is that like a porno movie? I'm just saying we on the air check. Anyway. Get back in. It has a little bit. That has. Jay still love this. John Daly was caught. He drove away in his golf guard from the tournament. He's on the ally right now with a big gulp and a cigarette. Wow. A lot of big names cut from the PGA. Dr Michael Williams about that coming up. So you don't think anyone's gonna watch that either. Because.

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