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Folks. i have to ask you. Do you suffer from eczema. sabriya psoriasis. Well is nothing i can do about it. I'm a radio host. The right so i don't know what to tell you i. I'm here to interview katie hopkins. I'm plugging myself in as you can see. I'm here to interview katie hopkins and the best news really is that she's right here in the studio look there. She is off camera and it makes me you know this. It just makes me happy to see you there. Certain people that just instantly cheer me up. You don't really have to tell me anything it's just you I don't know where to begin now. There many people tuning in who who's katie hopkins about. And so you could tell them anything. You could say an epidemiologist for horses and they would. We could just do that. There are people tuning in right now. We could say anything we want but in the interest of time that we're not gonna do that so we're going to tell the truth. You're british journalist. You're the most banned woman on the planet. Katie's true that's true. Tell my audience so yeah. Let's tell you audience. I should say with the horse reference. You just made. That's a weird recurring theme in my life. Now don't do a horse person. Well there you go you just doing it right there. So because i look and don't don't try and back away from this because we're okay with it because i look a bit like a horse like princess in exactly so people think i'm either margaret thatcher or princess on on a big hair day which you're brilliant mak- parts help with today. This is quite big hair. And i'm closer to god i'll come on. Let's hear your story yes. Do people think i ride. Because they're doing it. You just did it. I look a bit like a horse. Or princess. Anne and last time that i was in okara which i think is horse country. People were sippy. No i was ocala florida. Oh yeah you can check. Oh yes you so. People think i ride and even this shuffled drive was like. Oh so where do you ride. And i'm not i wrote. I just look a bit like a horse at that that's very self deprecating of you saying you look like a horse's like saying like okay here here are fifty slugs got them in the garden. You have slugs right and saying one of them. Looked like me more like burt lancaster than the others. Can you find that slug. She'll technically that's probably true. But really comes menendez clearing that up because you did look like. And i not no. I said because i knew where you were going with this. I noticed that today you've british just for me. This is why this is a hacking jacket. We're gonna we're going to get the hounds and we're going to go out so you know what it is you you i mean you're being very self deprecating but here's the my thinking i think that americans who cannot help but look up to our elder brothers and sisters in england. We wish we spoke the way you do. And we really do admire so much of your culture. So i think if you have an even slightly posh accent we assume your ride horses all these and your and you know what i mean i so do and also my americans are so darling about the british accent like my accent i can get myself out of any kind of trouble right or into anywhere with my accent and i so not that you can say roy naff off. I mean i wouldn't say that that'd be terrible and especially in that accent. I don't know what that was a hula job. That was that was a hooligans accent and gop. oh no no. I could do that but probably better. Not know so by name is katie hopkins and for people that say. I have no clue who you are. And that's my favorite kind of person. Isn't it because then you just normal. I am just normal. But i am and i introduced myself as a straight white christian conservative married mother of three children. And i'm proud of all of those things because those things are all the wrong things to be these days and despite never having broken law despite never having owed anyone any money or never having harmed anyone. Apart from my first husband was fine. I am the most banned woman on the planet banned from south africa. Banned from australia. Banned from wales. I don't have a bank account. After trump tweeted. They took my twitter no way. We're i think we're confusing categories. You i think part of what you're saying has to do with the covert madness right. You're not allowed to go to certain countries or something. Is that what we're talking about now. No i'm banned from south africa for reporting on the genocide of white farmers. I spent three months living on white farms in south africa. In any of your burr south african audience which you'll have plenty of most of my audience are bores. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. You've been a great audience. We're here down to three percent. You went down there now. Listen presumably your husband and children. Don't go with you. What what are they doing while. Mummy is facing a racist insurgents in the southern hemisphere. I'm old school journalists now. So i my background is initially in the military. I went through the rule. Minute trae academy santa's which is like your west point but obviously just better and they didn't make you ride horses. They did for come on on the offices. And i came out of the military to go into business and then journalism but in the old school of journalism when people used to leave their studios actually report on stories where they were happening. That's my stories. Those are my. That's my journalism. That's what i do right. And so how did you get your start. I had forgotten that you were on the apprentice so you were back before. Donald trump was just a gleam in the eye of the american. Proehl's i guess you. What year was that. I don't know. I was working here in manhattan. I was working on madison. I mean what doing on forty s. So i went into business consultancy and it was principles of mission command. Principles of the military brought into business life here. I lived in the east village on fourteenth. Just around the corner for five years. And while i was here i watched the american version of the apprentice with this great john..

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