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Second. Two thousand thirteen and who else show favored ten reader. The master plank was a guest on the show back then and before i was joined by ted i actually talked about learning a new way of doing a rib. Prep which was putting water on the ribs before the. Rub not yellow mustard or worcestershire sauce or any type of neutral oil. It was water. I also asked teddy for his take. On this method. We also talked about the impending fourth of july holiday. That was getting ready to unfold back in two thousand thirteen. Getting your grill. Clean and safe menu items. No better person on earth. Talk live fire than ted reader. So make sure that you tune in friday to hear his answers and what they sounded like from eight years ago. And if you want to hear guest or a segment again on the show that you particularly likes and johnny meal j. o. At the bbq central show dot com. And he will do his best to meet your expectation aloe well you know what that sound means youtube. Probably hating me for using copied music. But forget about that. I i have forgotten about already. Perhaps you have. They don't pay me still kissed off few too last week. The third or fourth contents of the american idol barbecue central show edition took place. There was a lot of singing then. There was a lot of critiquing by the in studio judges. Also doug chiding rusty monson who have been summarily removed from the event sat in as judges as well. Yes dan. I am still peddling the watch. It's right here a worry. Love the watch. If you're just tuning in or you banished for memory what are singing sounded like for you. I have put together a very brief interlude to refresh. Your memories is something.

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