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Your deal that's your first move phil jackson you're sixty billion dollars how dare you forget that the next also acquired lands on in forget that i admitted it because it was it was it was more irrelevant the ours curtain as nineteen second round pick pablo your next i'm going to go right to february twenty fifty thousand fifteen because that's when phil jackson ripped the next on twitter and yes there was a sevengame losing streak but talking about the basketball god's in heartburn just opened the door for us to an old man on the internet and that's what am i favorite people just the guy he's tweeting things like how's it going great deal like the love whatever it twenty eight two thousand sixteen jackson tweets that golden state warriors star steph curry reminds who have back mood abdul rove yep it's based part of that old guard of like like oh you think steph curry is good but vacuumed my day olga chris jackson turned back move douro was better okay okay i am young old enough to have seen chris jacke sales you and then sharda douro me mba he's an excellent shooter in jilin rose will say over and over again with great team it is and and how stefka does remind him of that but at the time febrary twenty two thousand sixteen heard was in the middle of that sees it yet where was nv sees this the little skinny do like the best basketball player this this game here's bill jackson just waking up in the morning but let me remind these young people you like gyulai gpa like anthony davis the esi george mike mike in great branding on that drill though truly the mike in drill like it like really yet the hill hans him being held will never go away i still did little to this day dwi skip.

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