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It was it was a little bit of a free for all the black guys are the white guys well most of the offensive lineman were white and so i think what i said earlier in terms of on the of good teams the offensive line they sorta decide how the car is going to be driven but there's always pushback there's always some pushback so yeah i think it was the same in college you see this all star second baseman robinson canot of the mariners games without pay that is a huge penalty yeah i am not sure what did he was gonna lose eleven point eight five million dollars bum so he supposed to make twenty four million this year baseball money's just ridiculous here here's what's ridiculous hit again i listen i acknowledge their mistakes made goodness knows we all make them i've made them everybody makes right why did he do but if you but if you're making that kind of money you absolutely cannot make a mistake in terms of hey i took this supplement and i didn't know it had exit so therefore i'm going to give you eighty games worth of my pay back you that can't happen rob robinson canoas making what eighteen million i think twenty four million twenty four million million a month go hire yourself somebody and pay him two hundred grand to make certain that you don't take the wrong stuff well this was for a dia rettig which they say is used as a masking agent yeah and so they deemed that they that was a a banned substance for major league baseball eighty games and if seattle makes the playoffs they say he will not be able to play in the postseason so this is a big deal for a diuretic waleed he'd he would not be able to play in the postseason either now he's given up basically twelve million dollars plus he'll forfeit playing in the postseason which is why you you play anyway lasix is also commonly used to prevent bleeding in racehorses yeah race horses take it it says on the program whether they're taking or not for the for that for that particular race.

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