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On and again they never never show. It's gyco and beginning. You know you don't know what it is and it's a lady sitting on a park bench with her dog. Enter some runners. You know some joggers. Jog and by and see straps on her fit bit onto her dog's tail. Okay in his dog's tail is waving back and forth like real fast. You know everyone's like a step in the dog runs around. the park. dog comes back. She goes oh my god. I'm up to forty thousand steps. We'll hulu and she starts like high five in the runners drug running by what a great commercial. I thought i was just unbelievable because what they do is they take a real life situation that you don't think that much about put in a creative way and then it's gyco you know decision with the brand but you definitely remember their name and all marketing most people on any decision they make a purchasing something usually nail it narrow down the two or three choices. And you'd better be one of those two or three companies least on the radar if you're thinking about insurance what ian thank you remember geico progressive. Which is the same corny stuff and some of the other ones. They saw the the growth of progressive in geico through corny. Great of commercials. So what now. Every insurance company is trying to go that route you know. State farm went that route to liberty mutual. But a lot of times. I think they're forced humor. I still like the purity of geico yet and they have such a crazy wide range of commercials like obviously they have the infamous hump day. One they have the ones with the squirrels. I guess they've covered like every animal now. But there is just something so memorable about them and they're just simple not very time consuming to take in not very hard to understand but they're just they're fun in cornyn people like funding corny. And i think most importantly hopefully out of this interview. We can get you a job whether it's on the team or as an advisor to geico's marketing team there you go. I'd love to.

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