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A man convicted of first degree murder will no longer face a death sentence after an appeals court ruled the state of Oklahoma can't prosecute him. This isn't a story about who Patrick Murphy killed. It's about where he did it. Patrick Murphy says the state can't prosecute him because the murder happened on his tribe's reservation. Oklahoma argues that reservation no longer exists. Every tribe has sovereignty. And this is not given to us. It's within us. My name is Rebecca Nagel and I'm a citizen of Cherokee Nation in this podcast. We're going to go way back. To the trail of tears. The story of how my people came to Oklahoma to the story of my family. The treaty they signed and why they were killed for our land. This case has involved mistakes, and the agent that was in charge of it somehow just got the location wrong by about a mile and a half or so there was pressure from oil and gas interests in Oklahoma that encourage them to intervene quickly, but for the people of my tribe and the four other tribes in Oklahoma Christina Mendoza, Sam Shane Kfbk Morning New News 93.1 KFBK Now trending Postmaster General Lewis Joy is scheduled to testify today before the Republican led Senate Homeland Security Governmental Affairs Committee. U S Postal Service chief will publicly answer questions and accusations that the Trump administration is purposefully handicapping the service to hinder mail.

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