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By late spring. Two thousand eight two months after the murders in Dundee detectives had powered through and eliminated nearly all of their early leads in that case. The boyfriend of Shirley's daughter. The man who looked like such a good suspect on paper seem to have a solid alibi. According to timesheets he was working at the time of the murders fairly cooperative. And I think we're comfortable putting him aside and we didn't have anything that would lead us to believe that he would know where she was that day and that he was in that area on the date that those crimes occurred the composite sketch generated leads and exactly zero suspects. There wasn't anything that you could correlate to actual perpetrator or the crime scene. That day as for Tom Hunters Online gaming contacts detectives deciphered the IP addresses and anonymous screen names and tracked down those people and as far as you knew he'd never met any of those people in real life correct turns out. None of those online contacts was anywhere near Omaha on the day of the murders. Detectives were making progress but reporter. Todd Cooper says the nervous citizens of Omaha had no way of knowing that all good police departments are pretty good at keeping that information close to the vest. We just kept waiting in waiting. That question was foremost on. Everybody's mind who could have done this. Detective return to the theory that either Dr Bill Hunter or his wife Dr Clare. Hunter might have been the intended victim between the two of them. They figured bill hunters position at Creighton. Made him the more likely target. He's basically oversaw. All the students that were going through this pathology training program at Creighton University. And if there was disciplinary action to take he would be the individual among others. You know to have a direct impact on those students wise so potentially a lot of suspects. They're potentially yes so. The detective went to the Pathology Department at Creighton and started asking questions. Were there any individuals interacting with these folks? At the time this occurred that you believe could be responsible for whatever reason? If there's a potential motive what do you think it might be? The detective says one name kept coming up. Dr Michael Belenky. How many times you hear the name Michael Bowling? You can't give you an accurate answers. How many but his name came up again and again Dr Belenky was a former resident. Who left the pathology program and threatened to sue Creighton a year before the murders Dr Honors home. He had had some trouble during his time at Creighton University but they weren't unlike other people's troubles but he was just a little bit more boisterous about his. I guess his perceive treatment by Creighton University in some of the staff there. Blinky told detectives he'd been working in Pittsburgh on the day of the Dundee murders Pittsburgh's like nine hundred miles from Omaha. Sorry you're not driving that in a correct presumably. You're not doing that without air. Travel right and air travel something you can check right but we knew he was on the schedule. I believe we knew he had logged into his email account at that facility that day but nobody actually saw him at work right. There is nothing to show. He was anywhere other than there which is not an ironclad alibi. But it's not bad. It's not bad men. Sometimes that's just the reality of our work that seemed to be the end of the line doctor. Blinky had been the investigators last best lead unwilling to see the case go coal surely. Sherman's family pooled their money and offered a there are a number contribution. I think people contributing as well which made it. How big is fifty fifty and all counting? Everybody's contribution we actually wanted one hundred thousand but they wouldn't allow that because they thought it would be about which it was my opinion when the reward failed to produce a break in the case. They hired a private investigator. Part of the motivation to do on. That was we're GONNA send a signal we're not gonNa let it co- case you saw it becoming a cold case. Well we felt it was becoming that way in the end the private I found nothing. Detectives hadn't already studied and discounted a year after the murders in the case went cold and most of the detectives moved on to other things. But for the families of Shirley Sherman and Tom Hunter. There could be no moving off. How'd you see your Dad Change? And it wasn't like he was depressed all the time and he was himself. Just there is obviously something kind of like you can always see behind. Someone's is that there's something there and I think we all had that five dreadful. Anniversaries came and went the dead were still inexplicably dead and the case was still unsolved but through it all the detective says he stayed in touch with the hundred Sherman families. You kind of hear their frustrations when they call and they want updates and they want to be kind of kept in the loop but is investigators you kinda. You can't give them what they're looking for answers from you that you can't give them for you guys to because. I'm sure you WANNA keep working on this. Meanwhile your boss is saying here's another case and another one and another one and that's why it went to the cold case unit and that's how it stayed until. May of two thousand thirteen. The breakthrough moment came in brutal for yet another double homicide in Omaha for detectives who'd been at the hunter home five years earlier. This one felt uncomfortable. Familiar was like oh my gosh this is this could very easily be related to the Dundee homicides..

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