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So we need a third party. Who knows how to do that that can step in and tell us what it is? We're not hearing from each other. Anyway, I wanna make sure you get your questions. I don't want to take too much of your time and everything because I know you have other callers. But honestly, all I'm saying is that you know, what happened today honestly, helped me sure, you know. So and I understand what you're saying. Where there's you know. Algis and everything we can help you out. This was this was this was. When I was upset about what happened is someone else. But. I see what you're saying. But at the end of the day, you know, I I'm still on the fence like I said, I absolutely evolution and all that stuff and everything I'm not a go. Six near fled or anything. But what happened today honestly, helped me sure through and and without without signing incredibly arrogant. I bet if after church you to pick up the phone and called me, and we talk for forty five minutes, I'm optimistic that that would have helped you to. Well, yeah, I don't ever number though, when he won't give it to me. So actually while we're live that gives it out quite literally. In my there's a sound clip for somebody's ringtone joking. Matt come out of your good. Matt gives it out by all let you go shoot. Okay. And by the way, I'm glad irrespective of where somebody finds help. I'm glad that somebody's seeking help and getting help. Yeah. It's it's like, the, you know, like I was saying with AA if that's what's keeping you overdo it for the caller who says that if they didn't believe in God, they'd be running around murdering and raping people. I want them to keep their ass in church. It's into independent of whether or not I think there's anything real going on behind the scenes, okay? Whatever helps you helps you. All right. Well, thank you. We're going to go ahead and move on. We'll get to. I wanted to get to Brosio. Okay. Let's go ahead and just hit that one. So we've got Brosio in Arkansas, and you're on with Matt and Tracy you wanted to talk about whether or not rationally justified. Hey, Tracy, and that Tracy civilly we spoke, thanks to the name looks familiar. So what's on your mind? Well, actually so being on hold. I came up with different questions. I'll be a little controversial job. But I wanted to know. Okay. Go ahead go forward while it's on the same. Why just wondering because I I heard you guys had something to do homosexuality. And I was thinking how he told me sensuality rationally justified. I mean, what's the argument that homosexuality is of moral behavior argument that says it isn't the burden of Pearl. We begin we begin. The smart thing to do is to grant every liberty and freedom and then begin limiting freedoms. And liberties for good reasons. So what's the problem with two people of the same gender having a romantic and sexual or sexual relationship? Oh, okay. So I if I was there a couple of different problems that first of all often kind of relationships that high but aides going with actually two that society law. You know, that's true. That's back. So I'm gonna pause you. I'm gonna pause you because first of all while aids isn't cured. We we have great medications that essentially diminish the effects and make people so that they can live with its cetera. But the fact that a particular like, you could be a homosexual relationship and never actually engage in any sort of behavior that even slightly increases your risk of getting aids. Right. But also, it's not a homosexual illness wrecked. There are huge swath of of the globe. Where heterosexual women are the primary patients in in HIV..

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