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Callow? This is the globalist coming to you live from Dory. House in London. I'm guide alone. I coming up ain't nothing going on. But the rent for US federal government workers. They've had the weekend to digest that empty wage packets civil Donald Trump chew the fat with the Democrats and end the increasingly damaging shutdown what links Vladimir Putin chef with the murder of three Russian journalists in the Central African Republic. It's a fishy tale, and we'll be stirring, the pot. Plus, the yellow waistcoat has been this. Winter's hot street wear item that Canley originators of the trend sustain into spring. We'll be finding out whether the Gijon can fashion coherent, manifesto and trends in the hospitality industry are under the spotlight in this month, monocle magazine where asking should hotels, give up the gimmicks. There's even an adjustable emergency engagement ring on offer, though, if anyone proposes to you here, it's just you run and Italy's Mattera and Bill. Guerrier Plovdiv of started Valya as European capitals of culture, the metal Peter York will join us to assess well, they can bring to the party will also have the business from Tunisia menswear and Florence and the morning newspapers right here. I'll be devastated evidence. Stay with us here on the globalist live from London. That sound you can hear as the global scratching of heads as people try to them how the world's wealthiest country compulsively justify asking it. Civil servants to work without pay. Some families have been selling that children's toys to pay bills as work as pay the price for the shenanigans on Capitol Hill. President Trump basted only take fifteen minutes to make a deal to fund his much vaunted Mexican wall, but announced the twenty four th day a federal shutdown with no agreement on the federal government spending plans that is a new record. And you could imagine the Donald wearing it as a badge of pride. But there are signs the US voters are holding responsible for the SCO rather than the Democrats in the house of representatives. They've been refusing to stump up five billion dollars for the wall. Mr. Trump has been refusing to approve the federal budget, unless they do while Brian class is the co author of how to rig an election and assistant professor in global politics. At University College London. Welcome back to the globalist. Brian first of all, I just want to dress this issue greenery. I'm one of these people scratching my hat's. This is the United States of America. And it's asking it civil servants some of the most important federal workers in the country to turn up and work without pain..

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