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Security advisor maybe it's overdone their four million people with the, government who have security clearances. So much is classified too many people have clearances, Goodman also thinks there's plenty to criticize John Brennan four including the CIA spying. On the Senate intelligence committee staff who were working on, a CIA on a report on CIA involvement. In, torture and also lying about it Extremely critical during the Obama years when a Brennan, broke, into the computers of the Senate intelligence committee said that it would be beyond the frame of reason to think that the CIA would ever do anything like that Well Do he's the one who ordered the lawyers to look into the Senate intelligence committee computers to see how much they knew that torture and abuse men tried to pull documents out of their. Computers I wrote a piece then saying that Obama should have a real. Threat the separation of powers for someone from the CIA break into a legislative investigation at the Senate intelligence, committee what's conducting former CIA senior, analyst Mel Goodman directs the national security project at John Hopkins University center for international. Policy you can hear the entire interview with Mitch rich on letters and politics at KPFA dot. Org The nation's newsrooms. Published a coordinated series of newspaper editorials condemning President, Trump's attacks on fake news and, suggesting that journalists are the enemy of the people some of the editorials noted, the deaths, of five Annapolis Maryland capital gazette staff. Members at, the hands of a gunman the Boston Globe invited newspapers across the country to stand up, for the press with editorials today and several began appearing online day earlier nearly three hundred and fifty organizations pledged to participate they included major dailies like the New York Times the Chicago sun times and the San Jose Mercury news Eric guitar. Has more the Boston Globe coordinated this effort in has been joined by. Big newspapers such as the New York Times the Denver post and the Chicago sun times as well as, regional papers Boise weekly editor George, Prentiss printed his aditorial on Wednesday he says the divisive language Trump uses about the. Media is a ruining a key pillar of democracy and so his rhetoric has to, be addressed Sometimes even, the simplest of, messages to be said or in this, case with, great clarity no we're not your enemy whenever have, them we've never will Prentice says as an editor he was reluctant to react to the resident but. He eventually felt the need to because of Trump's unending pattern of attacks on the media Trump frequently is called the, press the enemy of the people and fake news about three hundred fifty newspapers had joined this. Effort as of Wednesday Prentice praises the, Boston Globe for coordinating this effort because it allows. Papers big and small to stand together this was extremely unique not necessarily a clarion call from the Washington, Post the times Los Angeles Times that list. As much credence as big a platform to a, small newspaper as it does to, the most famous ones Prentice says important that each paper is writing an editorial, through its, own Lance because people look at and. Hear the, words of the president differently in Boise than they do in Boston the radio television digital. News association also joined with newspapers encouraging TV And radio stations to release editorials. Denouncing attacks on. The media, for public news, service I'm Eric take it off the US, Senate unanimously approved a resolution supporting the median the resolution declared the press is not the enemy of the people Hawaii democrat Brian Schatz introduced it we can't let statements by the president declaring that the press is the enemy of the people go unchallenged both parties complain about the media but who could argue with, Thomas Jefferson who wrote that our. Liberty depends on the. Freedom of the press and that cannot be limited without being lost or James Madison who said that the freedom of the press is one of the greatest bulwarks of liberty and can never be restrained but by despotic governments this resolution also condemns attacks on the institution of, the free press and views the efforts to systematically undermined the credibility of the press as a whole as, an attack, on, our democratic institutions the White House didn't, immediately react To the, Senate vote but President Trump was undeterred by today's show, media solidarity he, tweeted quote the. Fake news media is the opposition party it is. Very, bad, for our great country. But we are winning and he said he wants nothing more than true freedom of the press the Fresno. City council today acknowledged local journalists, newspaper publisher and political activist Mike Rhodes was a Dan is honor Rhodes was honored for his decades of, work in pursuit of free speech and advocacy on behalf of, the city's homeless population Victor reports from Fresno it isn't often that an activist who has sued the city and more, than once been arrested. By that city's police is honored with a proclamation but that's what happened today. In Fresno.

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