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Like I would have been fine with a face Seth vs. Roman at WrestleMania. Yeah, you know, we know Romans winning. Anyway, I mean unless unless Edge beats them, but I don't know I guess we'll see I guess we're still it's still going to be. All right, if we have Bailey vs. Liv Morgan with Ruby Riot ringside and Natalia intimina watching backstage a Michael Cole tells us that Natalia and Samina are best friends now, they're best friends. Yeah. All right best Pennsylvania. Yeah. Sure every week a new best friend at somewhere Beth Phoenix is going. Yeah, right. I guess I'll just go fuc myself then off anyways lived at a springboard off the second rope to give Bailey a facebuster. You know again LED is very underrated. She always does these really cool month? Yeah, Billy K comes out to apologize to Ruby Riot with some stupid picture of all of them. Ruby throws the pictures up in the air and some of the pictures land in the ring off and then Bailey ranks lives eyes while the ref cleans up the mess and then Bailey hits the rose plant for the wind. So same stuff rubrics gets buried off whatever again again, like takeoffs said what's Barbra keep doing this? Yeah. I earned Italian Tamina even watching this match right? Like why am I right with any of them? I don't like is this just leading to Bailey and teeming with Billy K like Yeah, who knows? It's it's just it's just shit. Yeah, which leads me to my next question. Why break the iconic's they would be like the second or third rank tag team right now because their former Champs and they are grown together. Like you don't know like why are they not linked them up just to put them in dead and tag teams, right? I don't work exactly million paid and had chemistry not in the ring, but you know microphone they had chemistry. Yeah wage I God so it's like, okay. So next up. We have the street profits versus Otis and Chad Gable you broke up heavy machinery just to put Otis with someone that doesn't fit just put heavy machinery back together at this point cuz you've killed this push you've you can Mandy away from and basically and he's like what just give him fucking Tucker back like the poor man has nothing. Yeah dead. Yeah, comeback duck word was probably the worst partner swerve of all time. Oh my God, literally led to nothing. And when you ever see that he'll that leads the swerve disappear. Right and we're yeah like yes, just where did he go? Every like two months. You see them chasing after the 28th for seven people right this you could repair this super easy, right? You find out Tucker got traded to SmackDown for you know future consideration. That's what they do. I mean, there's no other way to trade in wrestling and like Otis hears about this these past these like I'm going to kill Chucky when I see him talking and then like Tucky Apologize by just giving him like a Giant's him and he's like, hey Odis, I'm sorry. Yeah, and then notices like he's like mad he's like But then he's looking at that ham. He's like, oh I hate you but I picked up gay and then like, you know, they hug and eat the ham together. Yeah wage Lady and the Tramp like they just start at 1 heading so like I'm just curious, you know, I know some just get worse event in wrestling history. Maybe they allow them to say that just for the freaking audio clip that wish there were thinking of us clearly home. Yeah. Football might be over but NBA college basketball in the NHL are in full swing and BetOnline is the fastest and easiest way to bet on all your Sports Action. But online has you covered for all the news scores and odds. It's the best way to place your bets and it's free to sign up. They got real time updated odds and props on almost anything you could imagine they even cover Awards TV shows and reality television. So don't sit on the sidelines anymore get in on the action head to the website on your mobile device to sign up and don't forget to use the promo code clns 50 to receive a 50% Welcome bonus with your first deposit at BetOnline your online Sportsbook experts. Next up. We have a Sasha Banks in-ring promo. Once again Smokin. They should just call her smoking Sasha Banks. Forget the legit boss. Yeah, I forget all that around during the Attitude Era that works. What day would be having Sasha Banks do so she was around back. Then he was suggesting are you know, what DJ celebrations lingerie matches you'd be having. Yeah. So Sasha says everyone's thinking about how long is WrestleMania decision better decisions should be the EST and that's me. So Bianca Bel-Air comes out and tells Sasha. You ain't the boss of me with the exact Team Champions. Not a Jackson Shayna baszler come out and say everyone should be talking about us. And then Sasha says oh yeah, everyone is roll the footage and we watch naiah hurt her whole on Raw. Yes, and then reliving that reliving that nine Shana track them but Sasha and Bianca take them out and they even dropped Nyah on her whole again. Yeah, but she does not say my whole this time. Thank God, which I don't know why like if you're going to do it off you're going to do it then just do it, you know. Oh right like the tightest saying like they really committed to that. Of course the the legs off like, you know, you still dropped her on her whole if you're going to do that you might as well go all the way with it and have her scream my whole again. Yeah, go all the way up the whole both of my holes. My whole office. Yeah. That's the thing. We still don't know which hole she was talking about. Yeah. It was all right, next up. We have rude and Ziggler vs Cesaro and Daniel Bryan. Roman Reigns is watching the match backstage. And I also I did think good for range to not let Vince make him watch t like an idiot. Like everyone else does right totally sitting in a chair and he's watched he's looking across watching television like everyone else watches television. Louis Italian Tamina were earlier which looks horrible so good for Roman. Good job learning how to watch TV. He went he took the extra effort. All right, here you go. Roma's we're gonna have you watch it. You're going to be positioned over there against the wall. And you know, Vince no no, no, sorry. Sorry. No, no don't leave don't leave Roman don't end up at the head. You would watch straight on T. Exactly true. So King Corbin and Sami Zayn come out and watch ringside Cesaro makes Dolph tap tap. Sharpshooter, so this is our own Daniel or in the chamber after the match ju so hits the sorrow in the back with a chair and Corbin and Sammy attack Daniel and then Kevin out. Kevin Owens comes out and he stuns all the bad guys. Just like Stone Cold used to do stunner Mania stunner Mania three stunners KO sits in the chair looks in the camera and says, I'm Coming For You Roman? We're.

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