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Uh-huh all right time for everyone's favorite part of the rain drake's hoc you. Podcast is throat punch. And Ray. I've I've got something special for you bulldogs all right now. The problem is I don't know how to shut it off. Hold on the part working on it right all. Come on. Shut it off series. Obviously that's the penalty box from the world junior hockey championship in the Czech Republic. And I've got a feeling that after hearing at one time. That was enough for us at fair. I can't stand that song. Now this is this is what people I don't think understand so we're doing two games a day. Most people were watching the Canadian Game. And maybe part of the other game though in the first game. Say there's ten penalties ten times. I hear that Song the Canadian game. There's seven penalties that seventeen times a day. Somebody thought that song was a great thing to play as a player. Any pressure filled time goes to the penalty box. It sounds like it reminded me of the old Benny Hill thing. Benny Hill theme get. I hated it. I couldn't even I. It would come on and you'd be like I can't even ignore it how much I dislike. Know what it was called. I think it was called Charlie Charlie something. I'd like to meet Charlie. Tell him to beat it. So Charlie gets a throat punch for sure what is going to take away from the throat punches as you were playing the song people can't see you were kind of dancing and shoulder shuffle gone. I'm not I can see. I can see why Holly thought you were a great idea back in the day. Oh what a smooth dancer. Hey you know how we met by the way It was actually I if you're old enough to appreciate this but in small town I'm GonNa say Canada but it was a Western candidates. Scotch when they used to bring in. When the ice was out in the summer they would bring in like a Roller Skating Company. Right and once a week. There'd be like a roller skating party in the Land Bird Arena Landaburu schedule. And that's where hall and I met for the first time I was like fourteen. Fifteen at the time admire skin-tight GW. Jeez on sweet ass. Like I mean really really nice and on top of that. I was wearing a Pittsburgh pirates. Remember the old Pittsburgh Pirates Hats. That were lawsuits. I mean like coke wouldn't want she's always human anyway. It wasn't my dancing. It was a masculinity on roller skates. Not Blades Skates these. Things had four wheels man. Did you have your own? No which is. It's a personal pet peeve of mine. That's the reason I don't go bowling and roller skating. Gross me out because I'm wearing somebody else's toe jam and I'm not digging it. Yeah I can bring your own socks to bowling. Oh yeah I wear socks but I guess they sprayed them. I don't know what they're sure. They did back in the eighties. Spreadable rights anyway. This is what happens when you bring pauly or tiny. I've always got a story right. And then they're usually ridiculous. That's good but my throat punch goes to the goal song because I couldn't stand it bugged me. I would give a secondary one to Corey. Perry for his play in the game. Yeah because it's funny. You can defend if you want but the stuff piles around the same guys all the time. It's coming from the side. There's only one place you're gonNA hit the player. And that's Ryan Ellis. Yeah there's only one place I didn't like that place. Oh did you think I mean five was the maximum without the in person hearing so I thought it would have been Alderman. Yes absolutely I just. I don't see how there was any other result that was going to happen from trying to make a hit right in that position. Well Yeah I'm not struggling with this but it's it's not as defined as I would like it to be normally the throat punch as you've described is it's individualized. It's either again. Your candidates Corey Perry for the five game suspension. Being perhaps a bit light for dirty play or the penalty box song. I get that I'm going with anyone who continues to oppose more three on three overtime and I get it be as I've talked to general managers about this coaches. There's at least a hint of concern that you're going to stress overplay your top dogs your top players because those are the players that are going to be out there in ending standard window of three on three but I've also talked to players and I've talked to goaltenders and there wouldn't be many who prefer the shootout over an extended three on three so my throat punch goes to anyone who says now we're good with what we have five minutes with three three overtime and leave the shoot up and in fairness that might go all the way up to the Commissioner's Office because Gary Bettman as always been a strong proponent and advocate of the shooter for me it's an individual's skills competition. I want and need more three on three. I don't I don't understand the on board with the debate over it. You know it's more ice time for your stars while if it is than us some other guys yeah right now because the the shootout. I liked it when it first came in I was on board with it. I'm like this well. Then all of a sudden there's too many games going to shootout and I'm like It's not that overtime. Toronto and Winnipeg last night was spectacular. Well they're not always spectacular right all the time they you know you don't get the best version you know you guys kind of. They're going to control the park. They're GONNA come back to center. Whatever it might be. I would much prefer that to me. That's closer to real hockey. Then you have to You know to the shadow and the reason that they will always look for an ending is because the ties were just they were unpalatable to the North American audience. Like in soccer. You have tie on the European tie it just finishes tie basketball they play. They don't go to a free throw shooting contest or three or three point shooting contest. They play overtime till it ends. I would prefer that too. I'm with you on this all right. We've got to ask Ray Andrey coming up. Do you WANNA play. You want me to play Charlie one more time Ray. Is we leave throat punch or should I just let that Rusk? I've I've almost had enough of Charlie You know what's really been interesting to drake's is how many people send it to me on twitter at me to the group that will be tweeting it at in the very near future perhaps as part of the limited promotional work that you do in supporting the rain breaks occupied cast on. These are all right. Let's go between the benches and we're gonNA start with a positive and then we'll shift over to somewhat of a negative story. Line your thoughts on the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Arizona coyotes if you look at the Columbus Blue Jackets radio months ago we're talking about Columbus. What is going on with the Blue Jackets? I mean at that point a month ago their way out of the playoffs and you know all of a sudden now. They're right the thick of things yet again yet. Well it's funny. I would say that you know we. Can you know we? It's pretty easy to to point out. What what amuses us at times from from John Tortorella when he snaps at the podium when he you know any is so fiery. The Guy can coach because their team was decimated in the offseason. They lost rate. Now are Tammy perine had sixty points New York. So they lose him they lose Brodsky. They've got to totally unproven. Goalies and Yoenis corpuscle. Who got hurt and Elvis? Moore's Lincoln's there forward group is just gutted with injury and yet now they've got fifty points on the season there. Ten One and four in their last fifteen games. They're they're at the second wildcard spot two points behind Philly two points behind Carolina I find it astounding and of course nobody really notices or none of us really pay much attention. But you're like damn they're doing unbelievable and I think it has to be knowledged Arizona's We talk it on earlier and talk to him. About what A. What a great job. He's done in the coyotes of done. This division is jammed up. You've got between first and fifth. You've got four point separating teams but Arizona's at the top of the heap. They got twenty five. Wins the both goalies on a lineup? Anti rant is hurt again and Darcy Camper got hurt now. It's down to goalie three Eden Hill and they went again talks. Done an amazing job out there but getting Taylor Hall adds another level to their team. Kessel start to warm up to the deal and they're not going to be an easy cure and some credit to John. The general manager. Who knows I mean? That's that's a coup that's a big deal and acquiring Taylor all may not be done between now and and the trade deadline. If you pay much attention to this I think you do you know it's always fun. When you see basketball players tee off show personality we see it in the NBA. Of course we see it and in the NFL to some degree on occasion. You see it from baseball players. Rarely do we see just pure personality from NHL Stars? There are a handful. There are a handful. I everytime Brad Marchand opens his mouth. I want to hear what he has to say. And and there are other players who are like that because they're not afraid of the media and they've figured out a while ago that you know what it's part of brand building is part of brand building now you can go to the extreme with. Pk Superman but then you can take it all the way back to Connor mcdavid. Who clearly doesn't doesn't love the camera. He knows that you know being captain of team matters and he has to speak with the media. I don't that he's. He's intimidated at all by media. I just don't get the sense of the enjoys doing it. Is that missed opportunity by? Nhl Players in failing to build their brand because they're not embracing the opportunity to give us more. Yeah it's it's a mess. It's a mess by the players in. It's a missed by the league. Now the league brings in the top players at the start of the year they have that media junket and they film a bunch of commercials and things that get shown throughout the year. Like I saw him You know the magician. That's doing all these tracks with the players. That's all done at the media tour. I really liked that stuff. Because you see the guys are laughing trying to figure it out now. Not Every interview has to be a grand slam but what happens too. Often I think is the players so either are uninterested or distrust what the interviews about. They don't give anything and it's not that you have to give up deep dark secret. Just pretend to be entered to to be interested watched Kesari cap and in the other day. Do over the boards interview before the game and I and I guess I am picking on him but I don't really mean to. It's just the latest one.

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