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Neil in mill kneel on the steps of the courthouse for ten minutes they say that's the amount of time that a Minnesota officer Neil on the neck of George floor now the latest traffic and weather together WCL traffic center virtual visits are tightly alternative to traditional office visits and non emergency care you can request a virtual visit by calling your UC health Dr five one three four seven five eight thousand looks good time wise one two seventy five yard or about ten minutes for bill for to my company headed by Dayton Germantown street your date Farmersville road you'll run into possible delays of an accident there I'm Scott Bradley a news radio seven hundred WLW this report is sponsored by DuckDuckGo privacy with companies selling your data DuckDuckGo is on it they help millions of people like you take back their privacy online with one download you can search and browse privately avoiding trackers all for free DuckDuckGo privacy simplified album his forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center from social distancing in pre screening patients to appropriate PP our focus remains on safety learn more at no fear dentist dot com slash patient safety changes coming in the tristate the hot humid weather to be replaced by milder conditions but first we'll see violent storms possible this afternoon I'm more rain with a high of seventy five we clear out tonight low fifty three than sunny for Saturday and Sunday with a high right around seventy degrees it is sixty five right now news service of nextel plumbing and life center organ donor network Kentucky's governor's praising people of the bluegrass for following social distancing measures that he says of slow the spread of covert nineteen years it's clear the measures of save lives and he says because of that they can.

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