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Just from the very beginning of the Smith, it's clear that you heard guitar parts in their totality. You weren't. And I think that's also true of the way you learned guitar is you're less focused on one lead or one guitar part, but more about like China and cops, the same song. In fact, sometimes I think you were learning to play songs in ways that you were you were trying to play the whole song at once. I think that helped form your style. No, that's exactly right. Will was learning in as a little kid, tiny, eleven. I would listen to records by the hoople. Eero was forty fives because I was into hoax and succinct. A brilliant thing, a forty five with do, and these little symphonic three and a half minutes of symphonic pop music. But because I was listening to wanting to do all of that on the Qatar so appropriate. A of what I was hearing. I was very look on all our lives of by definition subjective. Puts very Lookie that being a little teeny Bopper you're starting. So young at nine, ten eleven and the times coincided with nine seventy nine seventy one seventy two seventy three Bookham as it became no music in the u. k. we kind of got almost all the best of the American store. So you know, we got sparks in the charts and there was all these great British bonds in those David Bowie and Roxy music and Allah, that's when I learned to play. I I learned play listening to all of those very eccentric records that were Bill on very radical guitars. You know if you listen to the early sparks records Deke star, Salat insane a lot. Those Bowie homes they were hit. They were in the charts. I would hear those those records before going school in the morning, that was what you would hear in the background and they all had outrageous guitar playing on it and I was listening to, but it also have string arrangements and the organ would come in in the second verse. And then some background vocals would come in on the second chorus. And then there would be a stop going into the coder and hours studying all the student, I absolutely became expert and a student rather of the way those records when together and is Bush for me that crossed with this absolute obsession with the guitar and flair for you know, knack for being a play, but look because I was such a little teeny Bopper obsessed with pob. It stopped me forget into into Led Zeppelin and deep purple and going down kind of blues thing. You said that you were really averse to anything with wizards in it and that kind of thing. These days of mellowed a little bit, and and I'm partial to a little bit of flu now and again, and the late sixties cop shows and stuff out. Oh, yeah, mainly just wrote Tolan an all of that business. It was just also very unsexy music. Yeah, and there's no girls involved in the audience and which wasn't a good sign familiar ever still is in, and I was never really into that larger thing. He was just to testosterone and boy, I showed never never, really a group really, really tight with sisters, only eleven months, my junior and she would never let me go away with wizards and organs. Of t. Rex is a really big deal for. Yeah, yeah. See Rex, who will the thing was it was eccentric as well. You know, it was a lot of fun. I this thing sometimes where I say pop music. I've to modify it somewhat in the last ten years. Two stunned that because pop as now well and truly come to mean something other than what I mean as being. But Sern pop to me at a law, feminine in it was very liberating in again, it's subjective into with times I was growing up with, but I, she think this thing I'm talking about, I think a lot of people in the night is concerned the same and maybe people go into the Smiths twelve info in fifteen. Well, we may be not. Maybe we were where that we were doing and we were very proud of making it kind of a drudge Innis an eccentric. You know, the star of she'll take above. For instance, his up breast Bank of little total to we wrote the as a single..

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