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Wins the south west terminal at laguardia cloudy and real feel temperature of just thirty three degrees this morning wins news time eight forty five now ten ten win sports with mark rene had to happen sooner or later right now it has mets have their first losing streak of the season but the message from todd frazier after last night's five to two setback against the nationals serious okay we've one five series before that you just gotta keep thinking about the positives that come out everything and frazier was over five with four strikeouts the team oh for nine with runners in scoring position eleven men left on basak willard did have a quality start gave up three runs on seven hits and three walks over six innings it's just that gio gonzalez who is now eleven in one lifetime at city field had a little more equality so the mets twelve and four now while the yankees are back to five hundred eighty eight they've got dropped by the marlins last night nine to one masahiro tanaka tag for seven runs on eight hits over five in the anx it almost nothing against heartland garcia kid who know hit the mets for six innings last week in his first start took a no hitter to the fifth last night first pitcher to do something like that since bobo holloman back in nineteen fiftythree then there's former marlin giancarlo stanton who is now two for thirty five at the stadium this season with twenty strikeouts so yeah giancarlo new bullshitted kit to car which loosely translated from italian means giancarlo can't hit his way out of a paper bag but manager aaron boone says only eight games in at the stadium baseball that's the small small very small sample and you know was flipped you know i don't think it would be necessarily that he sit at home and on the road i think that's just that's baseball and he'll get rolling here and eventually.

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