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We would watch pactel's after packed house coming out wiping tears off their face and we were like fuck. That could have been us. You know what i mean. That should have been us. That was us. You know what i mean. We didn't get. I think there's garth brooks song. Is there somebody where he talks about. I thank god for my unanswered prayers. Right right because we wouldn't have written goodwill hunting like we. We ended up writing out of necessity goodwill hunting. And guess what robin williams was in. There was a better plan. You just didn't want to control control with it as it so so you never know i mean life is crazy and and you know you just gotta keep trying to do good work and and you know i mean had i had i done avatar. It's like my favorite john kuczynski story. When we were writing promise together. And i told john i passed on ten percent of ad avatar. John jumped up and he starts walking around the kitchen. And he's like okay. Okay okay okay. Okay because nothing in your life would different nothing matt. Nothing in your life would be different if you had done avatar. Except you and i would be having this conversation in space. I would as yeah. That's it and then the guys who actually have that money actually launched themselves in giant. Today's penises like space rockets penis rockets. In fucking go to space. You can't write this shit though you can coming full circle. Yes tom mccarthy Came back to you. Thanks thankfully with the right role and the right project This is fascinating when i it makes sense. Tom's work if you look at it because it kind of combines the different elements. He's done it completes his like displaced men box set which i feel like it's like the visitor and station agent but it also has this like amazing kind of procedural thriller kind of aspect of spotlight and i think that's what makes it work. What makes it endlessly. Fascinating is kind of keeps kind of just keeps you on your toes but i would also imagine. That's the fear is like. Can we blend all this together. As character study and this thriller all gonna blend together as a writer as a creator going in. This is all gonna kinda gel. i mean. they're if you're really literal about things and you need to and you need to put it in genre. I mean and i think in america. That's definitely more the case with credits like we need to. I know what is this. What what are you showing me right now. You know what i mean. What's the comp. Give me wasn't what they think studios think right leg and and that's kind of the way we talk about the film business in this country but for me it's like all right. It's about this character are you. Are you going to go on the ride with him if you buy what. I'm doing than just get on the bus and go and the movie takes you to really surprising places. And and and and like yeah. I mean you're just you. You can't predict. Thomas said to me making like i defy you moviegoer to tell me where this movie is gonna take you. You know when you sit down because you because it does it it does look like a very pat you know. It does look like a like a movie. We've seen before with the setup right. You'd goes well okay. This is telling me a really traditional thing that american movies. Tell me like i'm about to sit down for an awesome liam niessen movie yet. I mean like and the lane restriction or for that matter same kind of like like those characters like you know they have a particular set of skills. You know what i mean. They're going to and this guy doesn't have any vacuum. He doesn't speak the language he doesn't understand the culture that he's he's trying to navigate. He doesn't know what's going on. He's lost he doesn't know what's going on for most of the movie. He doesn't understand what's happening around him. And and that's a that's a very human story with very traditional setup right and so and so that that throat. I think that's gonna throw people. It's thrown some people you know. Because they go they go well. You can't do this and it's like well. No we're we're taking this setup and we're but we're playing it real. We're getting these this. These are real people. This is a guy who's carrying a lot of pain and grief and and regret and shame you know about his own failures as a man and as a father and he's china air the damage that he's done with his daughter and he's still making mistakes and like that's the movie it's radha. No i mean the thriller version of this like i mean. I love the risks. Like the that. Tom and you take in that like you kind of skipped like the first act. That would be in another right. Throw away the like the conventional version of this is like the foreseen fugitives. Where like the the the murder happens. And you're trying to figure it out but you don't even know the immigrants taken place for twenty minutes. It's kind of crazy. Yeah you pick it up. Midstream like you like when when people talk about the amanda knox story which you know. This is like loosely. Kind of used off. Liz jumping point kind of like jumping off point like what. Tom was interested in was like what happened to that family. Like five years later. Yeah like when everyone all the cameras all the sensationalism. Everything's gone away. Like how do those people live their lives. And and what. If one of them was a roughneck from oklahoma from like this really specific lace and was this really specific thing like what you know and he had to interact with that like what is that life. Look like and so So that's so you're right like like the movies the first act kind of you know you feel almost like you're starting in the second act because they're in the Trying to live through this thing with the consequences of the choices that they made. I asked for some questions from from the listeners so this one is from mongolia who gets at some some of what we've been talking about. She wanted to know if you've ever experienced a situation of being a stranger and having deal with cultural differences. And what would you say about. Being an american in marseilles shot a lot of this in marseille. Of course yeah. I mean i constantly..

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