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You need to buy food the Chris Chocolate all the coffees and sometimes a lot kids. Don't want to eat vegetables and chicken this crap around the house a lot and they won't treats US kids should but golly it's when there's always will so I'm looking forward to chicken and but I'm making healthy non case. They want once a week or so if I want to take. You know something. Something unhealthy form and fashion. But it's little rules drawn a game where I live after Wimbledon. You meeting with friends. Mc For ages and hear glass of wine here it adds up certainly does add. But Yeah I've had much because I'm losing weight again now. Also done this twice before so now again but yes. It gives you less energy Just have to be very very organized. Now isn't something amazingly good before you learn you scales. That's the thing. Yeah I'm still learning these skills. We had rashy from touch tennis on here. Ages ago did make it to be quite a good touch tennis player. He has he hoped there. I'd like to think if I by law the ad I went through a runoff on patient for awhile. It's such a fun guy. I can't tell you K- enjoy contact. How Fun hasn't it? Today is Sunday alive which taught and now I've got kids told him told him. Oh I'm going to so I kinda see it just because it's fun. Yeah he's a good guy. So Sean Great Guy Pledges for now. It's it's it's you come home. I came home. You come back with a small and if I switched his which is always important as well because sometimes trainee. It's not all that training is pretty boring. If I'm honest being appropriate sentence play the assault of Simon respectful. They sacrificed every ounce of fun to do the boring stuff. The stretching the way I'm weighing food now never thought I'd say Crow Sir of carbs protein. Eight Dan I make sure that. Go over food scales. It's boring. It's nothing glamorous about it yeah I'm not even guaranteed to get that but I think if you take care of those small little bits off sure so sure but yeah. I mean if you didn't do that would affect him. We don't know but he's not going to take you that risk. No those guys are just to the tate yet. Notre Mason so going to jump in here. We're going to end this with some questions. We have some some instagram irs. Who We reached out. And I saw you reposted and I don't know if you know some of these guys put at hanters one four one. Okay we said the favorite boy. You've coached so I'm not sure if it rings a bell but does that. Ring a rare okay. Progress tour have asked. When will you make you progress to her debut? I'll just literally so funny now. I've just been looking online now. Funding some sort of a French league and NCAA my sister yeah. I'm planning to play some but the full diaries now. So I don't know I am GonNa play more progressivism. Br British toys can but yeah it will be done when when when it when it says the first one on your wedding. Unfortunately so that one thought that'd be happy with that 'em raise a Dunkin nineteen. Somebody's instagram handles are strange We know we've touched on this already. What are your impatience for the next few years but she is just getting myself guy. I don't have any ranking targets in particular next few years playing doubles make make a good living for mockery. I go I'd love sounds ridiculous about bad lights. Top Twenty and top end of the world not pushing pushing pushing for the student on the anymore you know what I mean. Only be a good though a very good. You're not gonNA take part. You're doing it to be the best. No yeah exactly. I'm not doing it hard. I can believe I can. I'm very well. How hot is going to be in a good also? Yeah no breakthrough. But I'm willing to take that risk again. Could Mont coupon on a here we go. Connor Chapel remembered a twitter. You hit against nail ring any bells at all. That was a county count was probably. I don't know he just says conner. Remember that tweet. He hit against Neil Elise laugh and I have no idea remember it was i. Think of the footage because it was on place. I don't know how to share it. I have no idea I could further on out to doing it was it was good opposite using a good people will says. We'll cartman ever make. Return to the tour are a one going to fire it open. Nc L. This year. I want to go too far up at NC L. Social content. I'm trying to get rid of carbon so so hopefully not. I fakty definitely yeah. You don't WanNa see him. I'm going to step on the goal. If I'm fat I love Lewis and Pete us again. Who's your favorite Irish player? Favor or this P. I still feel this fantastic. Who's my favorite Harsh Ryan? Who's playing? I can't answer? Simon car competes. Bradley ought not people for people. That's the answer is looking for. He says he said he'd be good at King King King or stew. He's not playing much but he's coaching there but yeah but he still probably favor always good. He's a good guy. Alcohol Funny Story we can. We stuck in the fall kind. Volcanic Cloud Yeah Madrid and we slept some train station. Florida and our professional. I went to the gym with him. Yeah so join them on the shelf to implant on the bottom floor and like you can feel the weather. You feel the way swaying on. But yeah. That's that's that's another one for one oversaw store. He was a pro coach. Simon from top tennis train at once he retired. But we know the answer to that. Not Know. J Clarke wants to know who's the best doubles player he ever played it off. J. J. J. off the fuel yeah. We have a five win that that was a great run MBA. So I can't really count stay any other. I mean the guy. Yeah he play with Miss. I'm sorry not not so inviting and tell me last question Marcus. It's been asked here loads of times. What advice you have for Young Juniors number one to me is make sure that you're enjoying tennis because again this time into downtown on things but there's too many too many kids giving off at twelve thirteen full of saying because they're not finding it fun you just make sure you're enjoying it and work as hard as you can go to college. I go to college if you've got the option to go get out that. That's great cat through America. Marcus at thank you very much. That was great me really enjoyed that. Really fantastic gold mine markets. That was great. Thank you very much for that. Thank you very much. That was a great episode of Marcus. Really enjoyed talking to and hope you found it interesting. Next week we'll be back with our sh- coach Joe Dwyer he spent most is working career in the US work with all sorts of top players. He shares loads details on. What's needed to become a top tennis player as well? Some fun stories from experience on the tour as I mentioned previously make sure to go to function tennis dot Com. Check out our journals if you haven't seen before and also topped subscribe one but until next week quit there. Hit some tennis balls and have some fun.

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