California, Rand Paul, Chris Coons discussed on Hugh Hewitt


In the primary and in the generally of the jungle primary and california's it'll be to democrats at the top of the ticket if she bumped against pump house like throwing away why why bother supporting her over kevin de leon but also consider legacy and i'm actually hopeful that rand paul comes around and votes for pompeo and that chris coons does well he's very responsible democrat on the committee because heidi heitkamp joe manchin joe donnelly they're all gonna vote for him and he's gonna get confirmed why would they and this is sincere question margaret why would they play skittles with north korea i mean why would they do this now not confirmed the secretary well i mean i think there is some frustration on the advise consent role for for the senate but they weren't fully briefed or informed about those secret talks that mike pompeo had been holding i mean look the the president hinted at it in a photo spray in the oval office why weren't they briefed in confidence ahead of the hearing i think a lot of this goes to that frustration and it's the statement that they want us to see he is a committed diplomat not just positioning to to get diplomacy out of the way to go forward with with military strike so i think that there are some concerns if they want address on that front and some of this i think is just just to show that they can again in almost any other context that just say okay democrats being democrats we are in the middle of the denuclearization prospect a window that is open a tiny little crack and either they are saying they know exactly how kim jong on will respond to any rebuke of mike pompeo or that they don't care the former is absurd in the latter is reckless i think they're in a in a bind i really do not know how they go through with the guy to talk about that.

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