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To clear an accident. I live and university as well as Wadsworth up a church ranch that when it seems like it's a pretty bad accident box 31 pinpoint whether trying mostly clear yes, a low of 21. Morrow, partly sunny and high of 55 curlies 24. This report is sponsored by the extra Jin. Temporal scanner. Don't take chances with covert 19 and your family's health used the excision temporal scanner dally to check temperatures before dinner. And before you leave home. It takes an accurate reading in seconds and is the number one thermometer recommended by hospitals. Doctors and nurses Stay safe with extra Jin. I'm Darren Copeland on K Away News radio live everywhere on the I Heart radio app. Welcome back to the situation. Michael Brown Ko a news radio. We're one week into the Biden administration, Isn't it great? Let's go across the pond for a moment. Because Europe's battle against the Corona virus has interval, I think is a really dangerous new phase because all the politicians in the U. I started to push to tighten down. These walk now measures Even after Weekend a really severe rioting in particular in the Netherlands in Denmark. Francis is trying to decide whether to bring in a third national lock down this week. As the prime minister warned that the situation there is really worrying and Italy's top. Many also called for a month long national shutdown..

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