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Provided us an opportunity to take a step back and just acknowledge how great of frequent hitter. This guy is so looked up. Was i went through all twenty seven members of the five hundred home runs bob and just looked how many batting titles they each one. The only players boxster to hit five hundred home runs and win. Multiple batting titles are jimmy foxy had to henry. Aaron who had to rebounds who had two and ted williams who had six. Miguel cabrera has once four batting titles and a sitting on four hundred ninety nine career home runs it is not hyperbole bigoted say he is among the most complete hitters of all time. I think it's also staged to ask the question whether or not another player like that will will ever come around because of the specialization of today's sater's near some brilliant players across baseball but i would be stunned if a player in my lifetime again. Hit three hundred for his career and had five hundred home runs. I'm not sure that's on the list of options anymore. So i guess in some sense he might be the last of the diary. Give me a team whose future you're betting on on the future of the detroit tigers it. Here's number one buster. They're just ahead of schedule after going. Eight and nineteen in april. They posted a winning record. In may june july and so far doger's fact early one of five teams posted a winning record in all four of those months pretty impressive secondly the on the second youngest pitching staff in baseball. And it's definitely holding. It's own. Casey mayes into school have both been above average for the protective of front prevention and matt manning their pop pitching prospect has better stuff than both he'll come along and lastly they've got a lot more help coming. That's a consensus top. Five farm system spencer torkelsson riley green there to top prospects. Just promoted to triple a. This week both players that. I really believe in scouts loved. This is a club that could make the playoffs next year. I thought that was gonna be long extended rebuilt for them. Obviously the cabrera money is somewhat imminent. But they'd use that as sort of an excuse to really go into a full on rebuild hit on a lot of their draft picks and player development types. I'm all in on the tigers. And the fact that they have a winning record since the first month of the season as something that the average baseball fan probably does not know. Now which is why. I do think. Aj hinch will. I don't think he's gonna win american league rookie manager of the year. But i think he's going to be in that conversation for sure unless question. You're back after serving his suspension. And i'm just gonna put a pin yacht in front of you have been thinking so much about the orioles. They go through this losing streak hembo the run differential during the losing streak unless i did my calculations wrong minus eighty seven losing games by an average of almost seven runs per game during a thirteen game. Losing streak scale one to ten. How embarrassing is this. That a major league team is having this happen twelve. You did your math correctly. It is the worst run differential by any team in a thirteen game span since the eighteen ninety. Nine cleveland spiders. You tweeted last week that what is happening right now for the orioles is really impressed. That's the mystery of the american league while can sort of pick and choose different incident time in which teams had sort of extended losing streets. Like this what they're doing to me is so troubling because impacts pennant race so much so we'll wind up happening here is whoever beats best on the orioles or most on the orioles is going to have a leg up in the fact that they're doing that against you know quasi aaa team is something that i don't like it ultimate competitive nature of baseball. We talked in the past eight near the idea of you know essentially installing a spending floor of sorts but either way it's a terrible thing for the store and what the strikes that they're currently on like as we speak is legitimately unprecedented at least in the modern era. Yeah and i get it like the yankees are capable of doing more than the orioles. But the orioles are capable of doing more than they're doing If you look at their payroll with. Chris davis if you discount him because the orioles basically got most of that money back in insurance on his lights at. They're basically spending in two thousand twenty one the equivalent of what garrett cole is okay that's that's in beverly hills or the diverse seem to lose thirteen in a row by multiple run since the nineteen eleven. Boston rustlers. So when you when you're on a list with the boston rustlers in the cleveland spiders. You're having a pretty bad all right. Yeah bow i'll talk to you. Have a bleacher. Tweets already bustards. Bleacher tweets four wednesday. All taylor i just wanna say some you you were right at the top when you talked about the difficult transition talk about the bauer case and the details of the testimony. That's going on with the you know. The woman Giving her a details on monday and then being challenged by bowers lawyer on tuesday i the whole thing is so ugly and You know but i. I feel like every day. It's something that's important to talk about And i'm sure that you know major league. Baseball is probably going to in the end. Way all of this and deciding what to do. Because it's a private entity. And i think that you know no matter what happens in the restraining order case. It's going on here. i major league. Baseball is gonna hit with a suspension because it does not like being dragged through this situation and from their perspective regardless valley god here. It's clear that he was involved and he's gonna pay a price for that. Yeah it's it's pretty tough reading the testimony it's I said the to moment ago but particularly jarring when To hear you you know. Read it out loud on the podcast. When i see our guy on sportscenter talking about it. It's just it's it's rough But it needs to be discussed in You know fortunately we can..

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