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George Floyd, Minneapolis, Chicago discussed on Vickie Allen and Levon Putney


Lori Lightfoot Gaber state of the city address yesterday and basically said the state of the city right now is on edge and sad given all the protests over last week's police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis but when it comes to all the looting I will never stand for letting our plane spill over into violence and destruction against our communities I will never stand for stealing the dreams and livelihoods of our neighbors Chicago's mayor there went on to announce some changes within the city's police department over the next three months and a ten million dollar fund set up to support small businesses damaged by all the looting over the past few days well now for a bit of levity here at twelve fifty two check out some celebrity birthdays singer Eddie Holman seventy four today actress Irma P. hall is eighty five now senior day sixty six and the niece Williams a seventy years old at the silly about that is twelve fifty to break for a couple of minutes we'll.

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