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All live listen to go on. So already complained. They we have. We have some plans for the who hundred steps gonna come back because she's writing a quiz for me. Get some questions from done questions from the audience. Before this time. We're getting questions from from friends. You recognize from pasta the podcast, so they'll be there should be a lot of voices on that, but something else I'm thinking of doing around my is just like with now go to the point, but anyone who is who discovers the cost pretty on live to start listening at the beginning because I mean you'd be being same if you're doing brilliant. Well, making way too upset ninety six. The high. But you know, if at this point it's it's probably more pick and mix arrangement Rabi. So I wanted to do a quick post on onto the metric just kind of late listing some episodes. I think if you if you just discovering the cost for the first time in the which surge really check out and I come workout. I mean, I have my favorites. I have a lot of them that I, I can barely remember this point, but I kind of I'm interested in if you've been if you've listened for a while, you know, get in touch and tell me which episodes you think it might be good for a new person to listen to because I've, I really don't know anymore. If you wanna. Tell me your views. I am anyway ugly gal again now, but the show. In in in a blue side in a blues party in folks eighth in in blaring at the UB forty or that if you if you agree with this in nineteen ninety eight to all you would hear Permian at yet, particularly in summer will barbecues. The wind is in the hate you UB forty if they, if we might films that they might to New York, that I would be the scientific to to those films. That'd be the background music as paper will do in the business of driving than streets. It will be before the next while of spend one important them. And that's why particular in some you can sit and listen to it. You could match in obliterate. Imagine proper hardcore. Reggae drop in this track in the shebeens in the blues rampart and so yet perhaps perhaps arms to UB forty of Gotland break, but plants, music venue. News in around whether it was the center back then in the nine nineteen hundred where all the good small music venues now that new bands can actually I go out and play in front of in. This is hot topic at the moment. And across the country in losing lots and lots of small places, and then use the frapp richest about the crows which has been going for fifty years. Predominant blog mediating for twenty five years. But by the editors starts day, where is the plan for just to the flapper is if you know Birmingham, it's always behind the Genting arena in the National Indoor Arena, the canals Brock throw. That's right and see sensor on the canals by four tracks in there for the long boat in flagrant for another king. Working. The rainbow in dig, which is this coach will crave quarter the city. The rainbow is closed. The lawsuit was revotes. Ago, but will hope for that connects us more relaxed jigger via where rice fights. Fifteen people. We lost until we've lost lots and lots of venues food through numerous, mainly through developers wanted to to build more more flats. But we do have some great bands. We've got things being too in with as some freelance small in Detroit bends. We've got things lobby Levin in intake, Poisson the roost mezzanine in dig with the hair and Heinz, which is still going strong was actually the first place before he played in in nineteen ninety. But there is an issue around the phase arts said that predominantly play. Non Saif me the word news musical, but there is there has been nation of your for number is about high black us can go experience music. 'cause the lowest price on promotes.

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