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You know, I'll give it one nipple for the women that are there. None of the characters make sense, but the female characters in this movie don't make sense and don't have any existence outside of the male characters that also make no sense. So I, I'll give one nipple and I'll give it to Alfred Molina because. That he really could have shown up in this movie in almost any part in an affective way. I would love not to you know. But if a million really didn't want to be credited in this movie Freddie would've taken the credit, he would've taken the what hacked the mainframe. We don't get to see thick, hackers a, and that would have been an interesting move. So there's no. So Alfred gets mine a franchise called thicker carriers, kinda my type. Yeah. That's, I mean you both nail that I, I would give it. I think one whole nipple 'cause yet doesn't go as overboard with toward women as a lot of extra movies, like we said, incredibly low bar, but also it does a lot of things wrong to, and especially this was the least I've ever liked watching it because I was thinking, oh, this was maybe much more feminist than I remembered. Then it's super, isn't all of a sudden it's just a sudden hard left turn. Yeah. I think if Tom Cruise could've gone in like just been on an island by himself and made whatever movie he'd wanna make. It would be this movie with absolutely no women in it, like they're only women in the film because he knows that's like a consideration that the rest of human civilization and the species wants. And otherwise it would just be hanging out there. Can't wait for that franchise. Rename. Maybe eighty percent of movie franchises. Two boys hanging out. Boys hanging out with guns. Well, Alex, thank you so much for being here. Great. Having the of course, where can people follow you online? Do you have anything to plug? Yeah, my Twitter account is at Alex Schmidt. -i it's my name with a why on the end. And then my website is Alex Schmidt dot com..

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