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I've seen I think all of them though I didn't realize Lalla Rona think is the name of it just came out and I didn't realize that was actually also connected to this series. So yes and Bob has actually challenged us to do something with the conjuring three. I forget the the premise behind. I think it was the devil made me do it. Yes onset we will get to that. It's just not gonna be for a little while because we have a bunch more things to talk movies. Not Oh yeah yeah exactly. So Rebecca do you have a ghost story? I do all right. So this is The diary of Well well let me just read Newhouse Day. We're moving into a new house. Mama says is going to be bigger than where we live now and that it will have a huge yard where we can all play. I'm so excited day to and our new house. It's so much fun. I only have to share my room with one of my sisters and said of three of us in a room and there is so much room to run around and play hide and go seek and everything. The Yard is even bigger than Momma said. I can't wait to play tag out there. D thirty in our new house. It's been a lot of fun day today. Daddy made pancakes for breakfast. Because he's home for two days in a row the only thing that's weird as the doors keep opening and closing everyone keeps asking which one of us is doing it and then they always end up blaming me as the youngest but I swear it's not me day forty two and I've made a new friend? His name is Oliver Richardson. He's really fun to talk to because he always talks kind of funny and talk about things that I don't even know what they are. He says they're all from back when he was a kid but like he still is a kid he so silly he likes to play with. Toy. Sometimes they'll push the ball back and forth with me or we'll have a tea party. The funniest part is that he lives in my closet. I don't know why one day I just opened the door. And there he was. He dresses funny to He. Looks like the old pictures books. Today was weird though because Mama came in while we were having a tea party and she couldn't see Oliver. She just came in and asked I was talking to and when I said Oliver She and pointed to him she acted like I was making it up. Dole I'm confused. When she came in the room to talk to me more Oliver disappeared and I couldn't find him later when I looked in the closet. I hope he didn't get scared away day. Forty five and Oliver is back. He was gone for the last three days no matter how much I called for him but tonight after dinner when I looked my closet he was there. I asked him way laughed and he said he was scared of my Momma. His Momma wasn't very nice I guess and he doesn't WanNa play with anyone but me so I made a promise that I won't tell anyone else about him. Cross my heart and hope today they might scare them away and I don't want that he'll be my friend forever. Oh Wow so. Is that actually read diary or did you write that? I wrote that. Oh Wow okay. Yeah but it's based on a claim by the youngest and also mixed in some of the movie in there too just for inspiration for fun. Yeah Yeah we should probably take a break right before we get into the history. I think that's probably a history. Might be a little confusing but we're going to cover it all when we come back.

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