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He kind of looks at it critically to always like that. Do not recall that Otto you'll recall without a thing. Eighteen credit sequencers an episode because they were always the in those eighties TV shows. They would take the credit sequences the little montage, and they would be from different episodes episode of the team where there was a real in joke and a Ceylon walks past the man who played starbuck. And so he goes. And they put it in the Chris that's incredible. You should be on the pilots. If you don't look door. I'm intrigued by that one. But I don't think it's going to happen. One thing. I am happy about that is happening as we loved Francis Lee's God's country. It won a couple of empire warns did really really well as well the box people loved it, and his second film director has been set as you say the industry this week as could be called on the night. It's a love story set in the eighteen hundreds in the UK coastal town and Kate Winslet is going to play a paleontologist, Dr Ross gather, no Mary an-and who falls in love with a young London. Lady of means who's been sent to the C convalesce an onset lady would be played by Serta Ronin. So I I'm already imagining Oskar just kinda sniffing around this one. This sounds like pretty heavy duty. I I would would say. interested see that. I I love to I love country testing. So. Yeah. Yeah. We we await with breath and much anticipation. Yep. There is the announced voice cast for the dark crystal show. Go didn't I? Yeah. Still announcing of things out onto this on the pilot cost. It was I mean, it's an extraordinary arrived people. It's it's almost intimidating. Should we try and get into it? Go on quietly reeling off a minimum of quick Tareyton. Yeah. Joying nasally, Emmanuel Katrina, Balfe, Helena, Bonham Carter Notley door. Eddie is art cake got death. Theo James, Toby Jones, Shazad Latif argon here. You're Clem fandango. Discovery. I know you were in Bethel Mark, strong, fa- candor Harvey Fierstein, Mark Hamill Ralph innocent. Hello, Jason ISAACs, Keegan Michael key, all of her Dari, all of San Simon Pegg and December, Donna Kimball. Yeah. I mean, that's a hell of a castle as go flings loaded plan. I'm not a huge fan of the dark crystal. Hansen tonight. No tonight. I love Franco rock. I love retailer up. I was probably more into the storyteller than it wasn't a dark crystal shape passed by for some reason to walk. No frog. Oh rock. Yeah. But yeah, that's a helluva Castile. Netflix at some point next year as well to fray, sad bits of news on which to finish the death this week of Sondra Locke, perhaps, of course, best known as an actress for her partnership on an offscreen with Clint Eastwood over number of years in the late seventies and early eighties. The stars together in six movies, every which way, but loose sequel any which way you can the gauntlet, which is a really solid thriller. If you haven't seen a check it out sudden impact dirty, Harry sequel, the outlawed Josey wells. She was a director. She's right. Two eighty sixes. Right. Boy as well. And she was a best supporting actress nominee for nineteen sixty eight heart is lonely hunter, which I believe was actually her first movie as well. So in some ways, he actually might have been under. A-rated actress, well, but those movies that she made with Eastwood are really really solid, and she passed away this week fact she passed away in November after battling with cancer. But her death is announced this week at the age of seventy four an also pass away. Really? Sadly this week was penny Marshall, it's right, and lavar and the fern from the Fernan, surely, but also a real groundbreaker as a director as well. She was a sister of Gary Marshall hit passed away a couple of years ago. I think directing just ran in the family. She drink the Cup of Vernon Shirley, which if you don't know what that is. It is a spin off of happy days start her and Cindy Williams together. And it was really funny has won the best theme tunes of all time. And after that, I think she got the taste for directed. And in the eighties when it was really hard for women to break into directing. But let alone mainstream directing she managed it. And she broke through jumping Jack flash..

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