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You buddy what are we got well tony can i via pat we're just doing our thing over here we got a game of cards gone at this point yes patrick i want to know about the streaker at the waste management that went to jail and said it was worth it okay pico got to algiers not putting the heads hit back okay let's get am rarely hear the jail is worth it but let's dive into you want to repeat that question well the streaker at the waste management over the weekend in phoenix who went to jail and said it was all worth it go familiar with that in his defence who's a frigid morning you know there's a little contraction i feel bad for the gangway you know that of what can you say you got thirty seven seconds of internet flavonols life is ruined when she went around holding his he was a covering up his practice wasn't sort of yeah you know if you're a welltrained absurd i've seen a lot streakers the british open i can see between the fingers right what you could get a powerpacked like a formfitting pouch that's available just to any not streak well that's true technically yeah i mean she went chile you know vintage red hot chili peppers with a saw now gad not bad very good there you go pat you got your question and i feel good all right now you can go on and hey wait it does a great said novel really have i stuck around there you go very good that's how we do it in a warning when it comes to private coverups were we do need to explore those of the options that's all just keep it a real fright probably have lost some i lost my sponsor she i understand i've got one right here for you let's get into it so what are we doing i founded pauley okay we'll be right back on these sports leader back on knbr succeeding jerry red neutral.

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