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Caught touchdown. Kiki Q T. Watson and provides and fat UT for six as the Texans get on the board. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence. Voice of Mark Vandermeer on the Texans Radio Network. Will he or won't he? That's referring to Mark will here? Won't he be calling to Shawn Watson touchdown passes and touchdown runs and any type of dish on Watson highlight right now might seem like a step forward for Texans. Fans are marked personally, but we don't know what's gonna happen. We just know at this point That it is a stale mate. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I hope you enjoyed that conversation with former agent and salary cap expert Joel Corey. He's one of my favorite guests. I get so nerdy and geeked up when I talk to him, and so that the information that he provided from an agent's perspective. What do you tell the Shawn Watson? If you really think he's serious about sitting out in an entire year, you have to make sure he understands every single dollar that he's giving. Up and also the potential for what that means, with the contract extension that he signed. How could this hurt him financially on Ben? He throws in the wrinkle there about potentially having a back injury or some other malady that suddenly keeps him from playing football. So there are a lot of different ways this could work out, but that the plot thickened on Thursday when we had a meeting of the minds in Houston. 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. That's our toll free line. 855 to 1 to four CBS. We have a couple of things working right now on our social media, and I look forward to getting your phone calls. We're gonna take them all the way through. The rest of the show here is long as you're nice to producer Dave, and he puts you up on my call screen so I can't answer you personally, You're just you're gonna have to be nice to the gatekeeper. And so you've got her phone number, but on social media, we've got a couple of things that number one a pole. If you're the Houston Texans, Do you trade to Shawn Watson? It's a simple yes or no. Do you trade to Shawn Watson? Yes or no? And then on Facebook while some of you are responding with a simple yes or no. Many of you are our pontificating about why or why not. Now, We're going to disregard the comments of yes to the Jets. I mean, that's not If you're the Texans, that's you as a Jets fan, So if you're the Texans, do you trade away your franchise? Q. B when you don't have to, because he's not happy with you. You don't have to do anything. It just could set off a chain reaction of events that may be challenging, if not Nigh impossible to deal with. So if you're the Texans, do you trade to Shawn Watson? Yes or no and also in honor of black history Month I was thinking about Athletes both going back back back back back back, but also more recent, who've had a major impact on me as a broadcaster, but also as a sports fan and as a history buff, and we've put a post up on our social media, both of them either on Twitter, a law radio after our CBS or on our Facebook page, and I appreciate your responses because I knew we would get a variety of answers. One black athlete in particular whose story has made a major impact on you. I did actually put my answer up on Twitter. But then producer day put the post on Facebook. So my answer is not there, But I'm gonna go in. I'll edit the post. Then I'll add it it just with the caveat. This is not political. We're not looking for for racist accusations or statements. Okay, so all of that crap is going to be deleted off the Facebook page. I can't do anything about it on Twitter, but I don't want it on the Facebook page with my name on it. So please keep that to yourself. We're just looking for the names and stories of athletes. It made a major impact on you again. 855 to 1242 to seven. So Ian Rappaport tries to take us through this latest twist in the dish on Watson story, so the Shawn has been relatively quiet professionally. There's a couple of cryptic tweets out there. He didn't want fans to rally on his behalf. Going back up. It was a couple of months ago. But there's still a lot of activity around him, whether it's teams trying to make their pitch to the Texans, whether it's them trying to gauge the market, not likely whether it's to Shawn, trying to let the team know how serious he is so in rapid port has got the latest on NFL network. He did finally speak with David Collie, the new head coach of the Houston Texans, mostly out of respect for an NFL grander, who has worked his entire career to get where he is now and.

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