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Did you ever combine them path like ju just are you like jennifer lawrence that can just go to that and your incredible because you can feel talk about poker poker house do you know how amazing one lori petty and incredible talent and i'm so glad she's having the success due to her again because you know i think she kicked around this town for a while they're like tank girl after taint girl she's i think she was supposed to be in demolition man and then you know goes to work one day and someone else's doing her part and then that was all she wrote for a while i mean i think i read that somewhere i hope i'm not misspeaking as brazil but you know she's so talented and she wrote the script called the poker house and jennifer lawrence really hadn't been in anything i think maybe an episode of like she was like fourteen she turned fifteen onset i think and chloe grace murat's done anything they were babies and i played their mother in the movie really centered on jennifer but it was a based on a true story about lorries upbringing and i played her mother's character issues some real issues for a while they're all good now but it was about a very traumatic dramatic time in her life and jennifer was amazing in it and lori said oh my god this girl this girl such a star and and she is so laurie can call it but that was a good film in laurie was an incredible director to work with boko would great right my god.

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