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You know how bad it is out there. How? How bad is it? There's a strip club in Memphis called Perfect tens and they're hiring H. Oh, God. No, I know Now that is just wrong. Well, it's hard out there. You know, it's hard. The labor shortage. It's out of control. Guys with the perfect tens is the ones that's getting paid to stay home. Is that right? The servants, the eight they've got to go out and work that ass off seven's got to do all the heavy lifting. That's right. That's right. Well, if you're a seven or an eight, you know, ladies, we appreciate you. We really do. You are. You're beautiful to us. You're beautiful. I don't know nothing but tends to be honest with you. Me too. I've never met a woman. That's not a 10. That was good. I have to give you credit. That was good. You said there was a straight face. We have noticed. You know, that's a rule about the 10% of that we often forget. We always talk about what are the 10% of the 10% of the people that acknowledged that the world's imperfect but they have a sense of humor about it. The 10 percenters are the kind of guys who love the second Amendment but lost all their guns in a boating accident. It's tragic. You know those guys but but also 10 percenters are I've Yeah. And all the 10 percenters have only met times in there. Exactly Every woman if you're a 10% or eur, 10, I mean, that's given right now you're listening to this show. You're smoking hot Fox. I won't have anybody say otherwise. You you say otherwise. I'll do three months in Huntsville just to prove a point. The kind of guy I am I tell you what bad mouth the ladies of the talk about heaven Bad mouth 10%, You know 43% of millionaires. Don't believe Millennials. Excuse me. It's very different 43% of millennials. I don't think God exists that right? Almost half of them while they are in for a surprise, Don't you think you should believe in God? Just in case just in case Is that a threat? We'll think about the opposite of that, right. If you don't believe in God and you turn out to be wrong, you're screwed. Right. If you did believe in God, and you're wrong. Let's just say for you know, just for argument's a U turn. Very well. So what? Yeah. Shouldn't hurt. Yeah. So you lived a life less fearful of, you know of death, that sort of thing. Yeah, Yeah. You're a little less sad when your body dies because of the thought of maybe getting to see him one more time someday, you know is that so bad You're nice to everybody, just because as it Is it really so bad to believe in? Uh, I don't know. This isn't a religious show. Most of our stations play heavy metal thunder we play. You know what Some of our radio stations play a song called Hell's Bells. So we're not going to start preaching to you about religion, But, you know, what did you think you just believe in it? Just in case just be on the safe side. Like some wonder what? What would it hurt? 43% is so high because I don't have to give 10% of my money to something, you know? Some man who says he's going to pass it on to God for me. You know what that really tells me. 43% of millennials think they know everything? Because there are some things they've never seen. They assume they just don't exist. There you go. Like, you know, I've never seen Titanic but I'm pretty sure it exists at the bottom of the ocean Now or the movie for that matter. I've never watched it. You know, I can tell you the movie exists. Yeah, well, and I consider it a great triumph in my life that I've never watched it. Yeah, Good for me. Go County. Have you all heard about Mollie Tibbetts? Don't know her. We talked about her, but we haven't talked about her. In almost three years. She's the woman I think was in Iowa was murdered by an illegal alien and now the trial for the accused killer Christian Bahana Riviera. Is beginning in Scott County, Iowa. Now that's not the one that was killed on a pier in San Francisco. That was a different one. Uh, this was the university, Iowa student. I hear it happens more often than we like a lot more often. Yeah, but what? What? What Joe Biden gonna do about it? Okay, so I'd like it to happen, Not at all, but it happens somewhat often. And that was before Joe, Uh, just waved the green flag and invited everybody else who hadn't already come to get to America as quick as possible. That's true. And that raises another interesting question. If you're an illegal immigrant But the president allows you to be here then. Are you an illegal immigrant? C? Well, did they undo the law? Or did Joe Biden just say Ignore that law. Exactly. They just pick and choose Which ones they like. Maybe it was a homo. Everyone take down a homo. Now we're all home Owes Homo SAPIENs, Walton and Johnson. Pretzels. Mark What chips? Look Who's the new guy? Santa? I think he's looking at me Pretzels. You got it twisted. He's looking at me. Stop being salty.

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