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Talk about it on spice nuts but no not lately though Mars has been making a prominent appearance in the Houston Scott he lightly in its quarterback to say even with the naked eye light it not. So. Thank you nice and few question knife also said that he was talking to us a recorded message father's Day which may come as a bit of a confusing thing decided to known astrid. But in Australia, we celebrate father's Day on the first Sunday in September. whereas in other countries I celebrated at different times I think it's in August in the US But yes, it was filed as day last Sunday here which is always a frustration for my wife goes father's Day often falls on her birthday and she really doesn't like that so. We're going to be careful. Going to Cape Okay. All right. Thank you. Let's go onto our next question. I under a friend of the show. I have a question about the universe expansion. Mentioned this several times and if I understand, it? Correctly. The UNIVERSE IS EISSA TROPIC SPOUSE equally in all directions. I. Can't get my head around this expense equally in relation to walk. I. Think you also said that there is no center of the universe. How can that be if it expands equally directions? This Kennedy implies there ESA Centre for. Thanks and keep up the good work. I can't wait for the next episode of the PODCAST. Thank you for your question and I think you and I've had this discussion before about if it's going at in all directions at the same time at the same speed that has to be a middle. Well that's what he's asking inc.. and. We don't know his name, but we appreciate the question. Did you pick the accent? I could yes, I wanted. To Australia. Could be. It's too soft, be German. From uncontrolled anyway. Nas to hear from you and yes, it is a confusing issue. The expansion of the universe I fred will solvable for you right now. Thank you. Thank you and good night look. COMES DOWN TO. What we observe because that's really the the significant thing. What we observe ace galaxies moving away from us in old old directions they move away..

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