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All right. We go decks to Skype machines assume you stay busy today. Truly one of my favorite people in the sport former fighter himself, and if a nominal coach, I don't think it's nearly enough credit. I wanted to get him on the show today. Even though he's been traveling Ricardo Almaeda. Hey ricardo. Why some people call you Ricardo when we call every other Ricardo in the sport hit Cardo, which which is it. I don't know, man. I guess I've been in the US full too long about too many people think I'm presented anymore. You know, I'm not sure about school both ways from thank you so much for having. Then of course, we're talking to you one of my favorite guys in the sport. First of all, congratulations. Could that have gone any better for Marlin yesterday? Did we lose him? Singles fade. Let's see what's up with that signals you want to put the thumbnail up. We get him back. Let's get them back here. Is he still in Brazil? He must be. That money Brazilian internet. I can't talk too much. I thought that that men signal I is horrible. Also, I forgive me if it's pretty bad. No, you're back. Now. There we go one more time. Let's try it. Again. How was how would you rate that win for Marlin? Man. I think it's a ten out of ten, you know, you know, kill case all his his power speed is timing is a finishings things. You know, I think mall is the guy that you watch pads or you watch him even just warm up, and you're always special, and sometimes it takes many fights for people just to show that in a fight and mall has been shown that you know, every fight centers. I fighting that you have see. So I think it was perfect for him to come back. And and beat the only guy that he had lost two in the fast. I don't know five six years. You know, you know, what it was? I was just watching this fight. There's so many things I liked about what he did. Let me start with one thing. And it's not what he did is who he is. We talk about the best athletes in the UFC for some reason. I don't see Marlins name on that list. Ricardo my God. Marlin is a phenomenal athlete. Why don't why doesn't he get credit for that? Aren't we got this? Let's call him back. Let's put up the phone. Now, we got a call him on the phone because we gotta get this done the right way, I'm dying to have this conversation. Plus get to the sound off dunks. What I'm saying gotta keep this train rolling. But I said it before on the Monday morning analysts like, I'm not saying people don't consider him, a good athlete. That's not my point. But like if you're listing aling all who's a phenomenal athlete. I don't usually see moorlands name banded about it needs to be it needs to be and again, not because he's some raw athletic power. Who does nothing else? No, no, no. I think part of the reason people don't bring it up. And this is just a theory. I don't really know is because he is so technical, right? He s he looks physically strong. But he is so technical. He is so sharpie is so well rounded that he doesn't necessarily need some of the things. So he doesn't like lean on them in such a way where you know, you'll Romero is so athletic, but you know, he got into MA in his late thirties or early forties. And so he has to lean on a little bit more Marlins. Not that way. And so I think folks don't necessarily consider him one of those guys. But Jesus man, he is a ridiculous athlete. It's kind of amazing to watch. Are going to try and get him back here on the on the phone because internet is not money. But I thought that was just I mean how much better of a win could that have possibly been for Marlin? It's hard for me to imagine. It could have gone better. That was just amazing an amazing amazing wind. Number one contender has to be right has to be I spoke to dillashaw. I wanna say..

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