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Art back on ty t. Jank anna with you guys. Forward in the united states has pulled its troops out of afghanistan and the taliban has taken control over the country. We're getting a sense of just how far right the right wing in the united states has gone because they went from fear mongering about the taliban to now giving them props. Let's start with lauren bogert. Who is a republican member of congress should tweeted. The taliban are the only people building back. Better oops i mean. I is an oops though i mean. It's okay for us because we certainly wouldn't want to live under the control of a group d'italia ban but for conservatives in the country for right wingers in the country for people like lauren bogert taking people's rights away apparently seems like a great idea. Yeah well there's two parts of this. One is their enormous celebration anytime. Something wrong happen to america. The women's soccer team lost. Oh we hate america. wait what happened. This is weird. All the taliban beat us all go bill better. Now right wingers go. She's joking is she. No she's not okay and and even then allowed to joke about our other enemies like go. Isis nazis build back better. We believe in you can she. Is that okay. i mean here. She is cheerleading for the taliban. Now that we're at least the second part. Well do they really disagree. I mean taliban is Again solo things arrogance against abortion against vaccines against signs against doctors Against against women's rights against abortion. I mean to say any like and in fact. That's gonna lead to some of the others that i wanna come back and let me be clear about something. I see a very significant problem with avoiding valid criticism of any given government or any given group in the name of preventing. Us imperialism right. So i think that you can be against the united states occupying a country like afghanistan. So i'm very much favor of the troop withdrawal and simultaneously acknowledged the fact that the taliban is not a wonderful group that we would want to live under especially considering the brutality that they've used against a certain groups of people who don't follow along with their extremist views. So just wanted to get that out of the way but we do have other examples for you including nick fuentes who shared his thoughts about the taliban. He argues that the taliban is going to ban abortion vaccines and gay marriage. Maybe we were fighting on the wrong side for twenty years there. You go perfect fundamentalists of of feather nailed it. I'm here all week anyway. Dentist same. that's the bottom line right. They flock together or something like that. So that's the white nationalist and he thinks like i love fundamentalism or the taliban man. If you're on the wrong side maybe we should side with that taliban i mean how is that for deeply ironic. And he's not joking. I mean he. He is against all of those positions and he is saying like mo maybe. They got point token girls at last night. Well let's let's go to tucker carlson's video from last night because he's a little more subtle but pay close attention to what he argues went wrong with the. Us efforts in afghanistan.

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