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Which is already in very good shape ecologically, but like most Pacific islands and many other places. It has invasive species and invasive species are very very effective on small islands. And there's a lot of native wildlife to protect a well preserved lagoon giant land crabs and nesting seabirds. You can occasionally here calling across the atoll. According to Frank Murphy, the research and conservation work underway. Here is what Marlon Brando wanted to see happening on Titi Aurora, moral Brando came to eighty in the early sixties to film, the movie the mutiny on the bounty. Out of this ship him nothing. You've given us come on by. And so he was TD quite a long time over a year. And during that time he heard about oh, and he had somebody bring him out by fishing boat to see it was a rough rough passage and he saw the island, and he just fell in love with it. He was able to get the whole island. He he got permission from the French government to buy it, which was unusual for American to be able to buy property like that here is planned for the island was to have a place where tourists came both luxury tourists and not luxury, and they paid to be here. And that funding was used to support scientific research and education programs, Marlon Brando. Also wanted this resort to operate sustainably. But combining luxury research and sustainability was a toll order, especially given Ted Hierro is extreme isolation. He's early attempts went hugely successful. So brand new. Pothead with Richard Bailey. The CEO of the resort company Pacific beach karma to come up with a plan. I think Marlin discovered all the problems that our planet faces today, many of them by purchasing this island on trying and failing to do something sustainable here. And we met in nineteen ninety nine undiscussed models that would be both sustainable and profitable. A decade after Brando died. Bailey opened the brand new resort on the island. It's a popular.

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