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Being a team that can get to the final four enlisted Gonzaga. Yeah, like I think that's where I'm at. Like everyone's just going to lose Gonzaga, but I think that they why we even like the great thing about Gonzaga be an awesome job that we if the season gets shut down because of the coronavirus at least we know who's going to win the title, right? It's going to be exact just give them the banner now man shyt the other team owners talked abouts do Chrome. I watch the Coppin State game right before we got on I have concerns. I have some real concerns right now with Duke. I've gotta tell you I am significantly more concerned about Duke than I am about Kentucky like Kentucky. You can see a path to them being really really good. I do not know how Duke can end up being good life. I legitimately think there's a real chance that they can end up being like a 500 team this year. Okay. I'm not that worried. I'm definitely not that word. But I think their pathway is letting Jaylin off like run point and playing DJ Stewart is like the combo guard who is like the quote unquote point guard right? They play Jordan goldwire today. I don't I don't really get it. They tend to I know started Jordan goldwire Joey Baker and Matthew hurt while playing Jaylen Johnson at the 5,000. Yeah, that's a problem. I'm not a problem. They got their asking the best player on the other than Jaylen Johnson, right the best player on the floor and that cop and State game was some dude that they I don't even know what his name was it like 285 lucky. They kept Duncan on them. Yeah. That was good. Well, they had two of them. That's the thing like they had both Anthony Clark and Clayton kid. They're both they're both like look kind of similar when you should know which one is which right but what one of them had sixteen the other one had like eighteen like those two don't know they both the 24 good they were both really good Mackin took had like twenty two and nine. So I think you're talking about Anthony torque. He like washed. He rants Matthew heard a few times and yes, he did. I will say this like dead. Matthew hurt was not a disaster in that game. Like I'm not nearly as worried about Matthew hurt rocking and Eric gagne goatee, then I am about Joey back playing for this Duke team at all. Yeah, it's I just don't understand. So there's a couple of things right? Like I don't understand how they're going to be able to guard at any kind of reasonable level if they don't have. Any kind of Rim protection and you're playing Joey Baker and Matthew hurt, right or you don't have any kind of Rim protection and you're.

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