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Assode and it is like heavily researched and i think that we have close to the same views although we try them not go to you know deep on it before record view mom mcp well let me value tell you what in general like how you feel about certain aspects of but we'll we'll get there i still honest i still feel so at grin like i know how works now but i still fuelling three days in a on the internet maybe you know more than you probably a hopefully three days in the whole of the internet you know more than me but i will say i've i've kind of come to understand some of the mechanics but i'm stole the point where i'm like i don't know how this affects overall macroeconomic trends and like if any sort of proposed changes to how we handle it would be good or bad i don't know mm um what i will only accelerate yet loyola's his jump into again you want to you on all we think let's listen up okay so what exactly is the national debt and who do we debt to yes so in order to understand the national debt you need to understand the revenue and deficit of the united states so or or any country flowers arm of the un so the us takes in a certain amount of revenue from taxes payroll corporations i don't know a visa applications whatever they taken a bunch of money and then they spend a bunch of money and if they take it more than they make we have a surplus and they take in i'm sorry if they take it more than we spend we have a surplus and we take in less than we spend we have a deficit and the national debt is essentially the some of our deficits yet where a potentially including interest year roy does include interest and as far as i know we basically always run a deficit.

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