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Sponsored by anderson hauser a global leader in process automation measurement instrumentation anderson hauser the people for process automation. I have three guests on the show today and before i get to the to import ones. Let me introduce warren spe- wack warren. How did you horn your way onto my show. Hey i love how you have to important ones. And then there's me well for those of you who don't know warn is the host of og g. ins oil and gas pitch podcast and in many ways he's become the face of obgyn. And i guess he is an important guest on the show is because he arranged for my two guests and today we're going to be talking about the environment that ian hse as we discuss spills and they all feel will explore things like how you prevent them how you clean them up and how you pay for them with two insurance experts who see these kinds of claims all the time and so worn. I'm going to ask you to introduce our guests but before you do sense you are the face of og gyn. Let's take a moment and tell all the hse listeners out there about the entire lineup of og and podcast all right. I'm happy to do that. And so yes. I'm very much part of. Og the oil and gas global network. Anyone who knows me well enough for watches my show. Which is the pitch podcast. You know that my background and my entire livelihood really comes from the insurance industry. I'm going on twenty years of helping and consulting business owners and entrepreneurs just pretty much everything when it comes to insurance so with that i would just say. Oh gee gee when. I became part of it yes. I've got the pitch podcasts. But there is so much going on. You know i'm very. I'm leading the street team with o. g. g. n. And as far as pods go anyone. Who's listening to this. I want you to know there are a few news shows that have just come out. That are really amazing. We've got the women. Offshore podcast with alli sedano. And we also have this really amazing podcast to that just got released. And it's got thousands and thousands of downloads already and that's the oil and gas. Elevate podcasts it's brand. New came out..

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