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My money there Jill Slazenger can help you back to Jill on money your back it's Jill on money and if you've got a financial question we'd love to hear from you could be an investment question maybe it's an insurance question maybe it's in a state question I wrote a lot of recently about the state planning amid the pandemic got some really interesting emails from friends relatives one of whom made me laugh out loud like took a picture of the column sent it to me and said can you send me a free book I said it's going to cost you more than a picture of the column I know I already wrote but thanks anyway so no there's no free books right now ladies and gentleman there's no free lunch and there's no free books got it good all right if you've got a question though we'd love to hear from you that's free you can do it so easily descendant email ask Jill at Jill on money dot com okay now Kenny writes I love your podcast I discovered it a few weeks ago right Kenny I listen to you daily I'm grateful for what you do any rights you're awesome which is always a funny thing to say read about yourself but I I am very grateful when you send those notes because as mark knows a very thin skinned so I react when I get negative ones which mark never sends me but it is also how I've gotten off social media so that's good okay here is can these situations sixty six his wife the sixty five oh Happy Birthday to your wife I retired in February and was really forced to leave my work and my wife is also retired okay here's what they have in retirement savings I'm gonna round up the numbers I raised six hundred grand four hundred four oh one K. a hundred eighty grand they've got very able annuities Kenny's is about two hundred thirty five thousand and he's drawing sixteen thousand seven hundred fifty dollars annually so he had an annuity and variable annuity in a qualified account meaning it was a retirement account he is now annuitize the contract he's getting a check and he gets sixteen thousand seven hundred fifty Bucks for fourteen more years his wife also has an annuity twenty three thousand both of these are qualified so basically in money that hasn't been taxed yet a million Bucks their money in a brokerage account money into has a money market account and a checking account and that.

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