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This team and with him for a few years now several years as a. Matter of fact so. This'll. Be fascinating, thirty seven Kenny not really reinvent. Himself because, I don't think, they're trying to reinvent him, but you, know can he used, to weapons, his really have a third act his your end and, you think he, can I think, he can yes. I mean I think he's, in great shape you know Pat Shurmur said fish Thirty-seven-year-old you've ever seen I, do I do I I don't see. Anything I watch his. Own, practice when, he's out there you know I don't see anything really discernible makes me, think he's kinda, he's kinda you know that? That little raggedy out there he doesn't he's never been as well but he. He moves his now. More. So than, he did his rookie because he. Just knows, hor he's going to lean body lean he Yeah I, think he's, I I you know I it's hard to really look at you like banning assault stoic. And it's hard to really get. Off That's Scrape it. Off I see I sense a confidence that. I really do I think, he's he's. Very very touch the giants did so much on his behalf that his ex teenage rally around him last year when he went to the bench and how these new men came in and evaluated, him both determined we don't. Need a quarterback I mean those whatever you say about, darnold and Rosen and, and you know Mayfield and all these guys Those tags are they may, not be the greatest, prospects ever but their prospects Turn, out really well The giants, take them you know the. Giants couldn't take them, they stuck with Eli That and I I think you're, right is very very appreciative of this. And I that's. Swagger, that I've seen him but I think you he's very. Tough it's gonna play, Well Paul, Schwartz of the New York. Post always a pleasure Let's not be stranger Steve you gotta deal all right Paul Schwartz and and again a crossing every t dotting every I and, leaving, on a very optimistic note with, Eli, manning, and, the, giants, offense, and, we, shall, see about Barclay and the receivers and with the. Offensive line, new and improved all right time, now for the flash. And before, we throw Erica no we have, some lines open one eight seven seven. Three three seven. Six, six six six number to call now that flash Erica Hi Washington's hosting its first all star game in nearly half a century. Tonight it's the eighty ninth midsummer.

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