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W H. A s. What do we love, fellas? We love Bridezillas. No, we don't doubt. Well, No, We love bridezilla stories, right? Yes, yes, Yes. We love Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane baby. That's right. My daughter worked there last year. She had a ball last summer working at Kentucky Kingdom and The other day. They stopped by, remember, they dropped off the cinema. Oh, yeah, And the big old cookies I gave those two ks are they love them? They crushed them and they've got some deals going on for this long weekend in Kentucky Kingdom. Perfect weekend. The weather is going to be perfect to go out there. Let's talk to Carly with Kentucky Kingdom now, Carly. How you doing? I'm doing great. How are you guys this morning, man? We're doing fantastic. We're looking this weekend, right in the eye. And Kentucky Kingdom is going to take care of some of our military personnel if I'm not mistaken, right? We are. We have some great deals going on this weekend. Today through Monday. We can do tickets for 1995 per military ID. You can get six ticket. I love it and then give them back to the military. I love it. Fort Knox or for Campbell's very close. Of course they can trip down here. For a day trip in rock out and have a good time. Now you're also tell us what's going on with this cinnamon bread that you dropped off. The bluegrass Bakery is something new for you guys correct. It is. Bluegrass Bakery just opened yesterday. And so you guys got a sneak peek of our news to Mm Fred. It is so good. Every single bite is filled with flavor. There's not a bad bite in the whole loaf. You know, it has so much bother and cinnamon and it's really This is a great treat here at the park, and you can share it with your family. The local comes with five slices and Carly. If you watch the news, everybody is looking for workers. And I'm guessing Kentucky Kingdom is no different. What sort of incentives are you offering to come work at the kingdom? It's a great place to work. You know, we have lots of different benefits, one that we're really excited to roll out this year, the weekend paper on it. So if you're working on Saturday, Sunday, you're going to make a little extra money. We also have a free line time designated days here at the park. And you always get a free season pass to use when your work When you're not working, you can come and enjoy the park and, um we also have Promotions with other regional theme park so we can go to other parts for free and visit them. And so it's really great benefit. Just working at Kentucky came out. Hey, what's What's the sea Lions? Blast show? You guys always so cool. It really is a bit after. Uh since what I guess Last year last year. No well well. Last year was two years. What's the C line splashes? The sea lions? Yes. So you do good. They're rescued Sea lions that we partner with them and their names are lily and avocado. And they just Wow. Oh, it's a lot of time and they interact with the crowd and They have a lot of energy, and it's just really good show for the kids and the family and everybody. Okay. What's the slide the water slide that was the tallest and then somebody built 11 ft. Taller, and then I think we were. I think Kentucky Kingdom. We're gonna build another foot taller to be the world's tallest. But the one where you sit in and I think that's the one where you can hear your heartbeat like they're playing this. And the and the and the floor just drops out and you go. What's the name of that slide? That is deep water guys? Who have you been on that? Carly? I I have no, I do a lot of things. But that is one thing that I'm pretty scared to do. Yeah. Carly, your assignment for the until we talk to you next. You've got to ride that You've got to do that slide. Alright, Carl, I just want to say one thing. Don't you guys come out here and do it. And then I'll do it after you. You've got early. Look, you left You buried the lead. Listen. This season passes or 69 bucks. That's the way to go because you can use the pool every single day and told me it's amazing because General general Mission really is normally is how much 54 95. So why not get a season pass for a couple bucks more? A couple bucks more. And you're there every day you if you want. Exactly. Yeah, it pays for itself In less since you visit. You also get free parking dollars Soft drinks and 20% offered the merchandise. So it's really a great package. Deal. No. If you're looking for a pool pass for the summer kidding you can go for 700 bucks to some condo Subdivision pool or for 69 95. You can do the kingdom? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And don't forget you can make up to 15 bucks an hour with their They are hiring. Let me say it again make up to $15 an hour at Kentucky Kingdom. Right now, so I know you need some folks to to go on out there. Everyone's having issues with that. But Kentucky Kingdom is staffed and ready to rock. So, Carly, we can't wait to get out there. And especially this weekend. The weather is going to be perfect. I want you to have a good time, okay? Thank you. We're looking forward to it. Okay, Carly, We'll talk to you soon, Carly. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Bye. Okay. Nothing is original anymore, especially when it comes out of Hollywood, no matter which way you're going to watch it in the movies on TV and Amazon, Netflix and it brings me to this story. Amazon is going to have a new series, and it's gonna be a league of their own The series. Oh, I love that movie That's going to be a take on the 1992 classic League of their own movie. That was Tom Hanks is a really good movie. There's no crying in baseball. There's so many lines from that movie. You can't get Tom Hanks to be the coach. So who do you get to be the coach? I think he's a perfect fit. Uh, um Peter Molinari. No, You're gonna love this, Dave. And you're gonna love this Tony. Nick Offerman from, uh Oh, yes, yes. Perfect. He's going to play the the I don't know, Coach case. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I think Listen Rods, Watson is the coach. You got me. I think if he's if he's Juan Swanson the coach wants wants, And that's the Mexican version. It'll work lawn that's pronounced Kwan once one. Yes, so I think if Juan Swanson is the coach, I think it's going to be a hit, so he tries to do something else. I'm not sure so sure that he's just That character is going to be his thing. He's typecast. He's typecast and and the big deal. Uh, so if you listen to David, I went to see him in his stand up. I walked out Well, he got a little political and that's what they want. And it wasn't funny. Well, he was my wall. I wanted to walk. Actually, we did leave early, because it wasn't funny. Well, the last time I can handle making fun of my politics, I don't care if it's funny. Yeah. Last time I saw George Carlin at the palace, I wound up walking out because I'm like, Yeah, it's a guy bitching. Yeah, okay. It's like this. He just I felt bad. It's kinda like when you when you see someone who who should have retired, and they don't. Well, well, they get angry for some reason. I don't know why. I don't think he was angry. He was that really long climb for for a short slide, right where you're like, Where is this story going? And there better be funny at the end, and it never was. And I was like you're ready to go. She was like, Yeah, let's go. So, according to the Hollywood Reporter, what to expect when you watch Amazon's take on the 1992 League of their own? Well, they're saying it's going to Follow the penny Marshall theme of the film and have that heart and so, but it will take a deeper dive into things and including sexuality, So that's why for Uh, remember that they were filming that not too far from here, and they were at on Q. M F. I was on kill meth at the time, and we were asking people that wanted to audition to go up there and do the audition because they needed extras for that movie, and they filmed it somewhere in Indiana. Yeah. Somewhere in Indiana was very, very close. I have is. I think Madonna was down here. Partying wasn't Rosie O Donnell in it to this? Yes, She's great in it. I happen to have a machine That tells me everything. Let me uh Where, Because one of the scenes well those scenes in some of the ballparks there were TV antennas in the background..

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