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Send in a pick with a purchase bottle, they will donate a portion of their profits to a pet with cancer, so great opportunity for you guys to donate, and also do something good for your pets at home. That's pets our kids to guys, check them out. So how are you doing? Man. I've been thinking a lot about you. Yeah. Yeah. Dude, I was like thinking about like, you know, your nationality. I don't know why but like you're like half Cuban half Italian pretty cool. You know what I think I think you should be like half Cuban half Italian and half Taco Bell. Fair enough. Well, that's I mean it's, you know, the Italian comes from you, and you're like one hundred percent talian, and I'd say about ninety five percent bald you fit that in there somewhere. Right. All right. So let's, let's get on with the show. Man. Never goes my way on that. Such an easy so easy. Man. I know I never I like Taco Bell. Okay. You my friend, it's delicious. Yeah. I don't like bogged. Oh. I was talking about that with our producer, Mark. And I said, yeah, he said, why don't you do something about it? They have hair treatments. And I was like, yeah, but I don't have an extra five grand sitting in the Bank. I need a new car. Yeah. I let me tell you. I really, really hope that it's true. What they say that the ball gene comes from the mother's side. Comes from the father side. Earings double. You're in trouble over. It's over going out anymore, though, they'll die, you know how then you'll know how I feel. All right. So hey guys, we want as we mentioned in the intro there. We want to give a special shout out to our YouTube listeners grooming by Rudy on YouTube special. Shout out to Maggie, gee and game over on our YouTube channel. Thank you guys for making us laugh. I mean, we just had so much fun this week with you guys comments Maggie for her expression and kind words and game over as he as he refers to it as stirring. The pot. You guys know what I mean? Thank you so much for bringing such such positive energy to our heart YouTube channel check it out screaming by Rhody on YouTube, so special thanks to Maggie and game over. Yeah. That was great. That was those guys are so funny. Troopers, and I just I love that the community is growing on both ends of the spectrum here. You know, we got people emailing us about this show. Yup. People, you know, us about the CIA. Everybody's having a good time for the most. Yeah. Exactly. That's, that's what we want to. It's kind of energy. We're trying to draw to our channel and the radio show here. So again, guys, thanks, so. Also, as we mentioned wanna talk about, like hot spots. It's, it's big issue during the winter months, especially dogs tend to get some skinny retations a lot of hot spots. You know a lot of it is due to just the elements themselves. You know the dry air. The heat coming on dogs tend to dry out, just like we do you know, and again, it can cause dry skin even some of the elements outside the salt on the ground as we talked about last winter big problem, along with a lot of other problems. I mean, you've got tons of got like flea bite dermatitis allergies. You know that are caused by a bad diet and food or just like not being groomed enough. I think people are misled by they don't have to get their dogs groomed as often in the winter. But that's not necessarily true. Guys, you really should keep up with your grooming Groening's during the winter months because if you let your dogs grow out, and, you know, you got that dry skin underneath it can result in some hot spots. So we want to kind of address some of those issues right off the bat. You know you got the heat on. You got dry air going throughout the house that will tend to dry out your dog's coat very, very quickly. So one of the things you can do with that is again, check out the products that are being available to you, especially by the pets our kids to, they have great oatmeal shampoo that will help out with that situation. They also have what we love here, actually use this on a couple of our clients. They also have an anti the odorant spray. All natural. It's, you know, it's got oatmeal baking soda, these things are really going to help out with that dry air skin problem with the anti-itch spray in between baths, you could spray it on just brush it into your dog. You're going to see a big difference. You're gonna number one, the coats going to be, shiny, that's going to add some Lustre back into the coat, and it's also gonna moisture is the skin. So there's ways of combating this stuff. You know, you should try the anti-itch on your scalp. Man, I want to get through with the show. You wanna talk about them. It's not a bad idea to spray some on right now. It's right. As. Really? I think I'm seeing some air. See here. Okay. We got to start a petition for pets or kids to dot com. We gotta get them to make a hair growth spray. Exactly. Did you really spray that on your head? No, man. I thought you know. It sounded like my sound effects could on that couldn't see the Mike was in front of your. I did it with my mouth. But hot spots, you know what you should do. Anthony, you should try the oatmeal shampoo. You know, use it more often than once a month. If you know that's pretty clever comeback. I gotta get to see that seeing that. All right. I got some stuff. Also, another big misconception guys. Is that your dogs can also be suffering from what's called flea bites? Dermatitis a lot of people think that fleas go away in the wintertime, they don't as a matter of fact, fleas are looking for a home, and it's usually on your dog in your house because they wanna stay warm. So again, guys flea bites Titus very, very active in, in the fall months. Late fall early winter flea activity could be just bigger than even in the summer months, because again, they're looking they're survive. So again, one of the things you want to do it. That is deeply your dog with a with the flea shampoo. If you can guy, stay natural go. There's a lot of organic flea and tick shampoos out there. No chemicals. If you had a really severe problem you might have to resort to a chemical based flea and tick chiampou or dip. If the problem is you I kind of suggests that you check. It out with the vet if you have a big problem. But if it's something if you're seen a few fleas here and there definitely flea shampoo. Maybe some flea spray around the house and that will help with your dog scratching and biting at himself, causing hotspot in a worst problem. The answer to that is just a deeply the dog or cat. I don't envy people who have dogs with darker coats because it's ten times, more difficult to even see the fleas if your dog has a has themselves, it's a shame that's kind of hard, but you could do a little trick that we do at the shop. Sometimes if we have a dog with a really really dark coat any scratching little, we think he has fleas sometimes before we even put them on the grooming table will put them in the tub since our tub is all white, and we'll sort of scratch him a little bit, and kind of like almost like scratch around. See if we see any specs flying off because then you could see them on the white on the porcelain tub, you know show it's a little like it's not one hundred percent or anything, but if you're unsure and your dog keeps scratching around, and he doesn't usually do that. You know, just a little trick. I thought of recently that we use here at the shop once in a while is, you know, put them put them in, like your tub and sort of scratch around see if any fleas jump off and you see them better on the white background. Sure. Yeah. A great point. And even like where you scratch to usually fleas, we'll tend to linger right at the base of the tail, like right on the back and based on the tail, or the crotch area. I know that's where the fleas are on Anthony Wright in his crotch area. But anyway, but that's up to Anthony to check himself. But as far as you guys at home. You want. Check your dogs look at look at the base of the tail area because usually fleas, we'll tend to linger there you know. And if you want to check me for your chance to win. Just go to my face. It's all the struggle all the instructors, enter the competition. We'll leave that link down below. Oh, okay. I really love this show. This is going up. All right. So next one up. Sorry, I broke my dad, everybody. Let me let me get together yourself together. The people listening. The next one up is allergies. Food, a big contributor to hotspots couldn't. He one of the main contributors, definitely guys if you guys have your pets on just the bad diet, you're gonna find that not only is your dog or cat, going to have more skin problems. They're also going to have a host of other problems. They're probably gonna get more ear infections, you know they're going to their coach are going to dry out quicker than quick, and they will eventually usually develop some hot spots. So my suggestion to you guys definitely get your dogs on a really good, healthy diet, raw on all natural diets are, usually, the best ones, but there are also other great foods out there that aren't raw diets. So do you research, check that out get your dogs on a good food diet, so that you can avoid just a host of problems, and maybe a void some hot, spots, and skin prob? Uh-huh, too. I read that diet, especially for dogs. It's basically one of the main causes of anything that can go wrong tooth decay. Yeah. All that stuff, because the thing is as much as pets our family human beings and dogs are very different in that way. All a dog can do to help. Its health is eight good and walk humans. You know, we do all this bad stuff to ourself people drink people smoke and all that other people have a way more things they can do to stay healthy than dogs, can if your dog doesn't have a good diet and doesn't get enough exercise. It's basically, you know, you're gonna have a host of problems, most likely. I mean some dogs, especially Matz can definitely remain express mixed Brits. Yeah. Mixed breeds. That's that's you know that's not a good term anymore. You can't use the word Matz. You can't. You can. But you don't scare me mixed breeds is, you know. Okay. More polite way, saying, I wonder if the next time they play the movie dumb, and dumber on TV, if they'll censored a mutt Cutts van. You know what I'm saying alone cost him two hundred. What a great movie. Oh my God. Yes. Fun horrible sequel, dumb and dumber. He's a dog groomer. They're supposed to be losers. Yeah. One of them is dog groomer, man still funny, though. I like that. He loves the dogs, it's and I'm sorry. I know it's cruel but when it comes flying over over the hill, and you hear the dogs airport. Oh, it's so funny. Thank god. It's just. I'm having a great time in this show. I like to I'm going. Well, this is you for it. I get one, thank you guys for tuning into us because, you know, without you guys listening, this is kind of, like, you know, stupid. So really appreciate that we have an audience, you know, it's like when you first start YouTube as well. It's like, you know, me and you were putting all this work into these videos, it gets eleven views and six of them were us re clicking it go. He was this looked this. All right. Nobody's liking it Nova's. So it's kind of, like ridiculous at the beginning. But it's like you guys are all here you're hanging with us. This is cool. It's exciting exciting. Speaking of cuts. The censored version the mixed breed cuts mixed breeds are definitely a little bit more resilient with everything. So, yeah, you're right with that. But another thing that we again, we have to kind of focus on his people are tend to think that their dogs,.

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