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Go to central casting dot com give them your information i'm sure they're gonna want headshots or something but they're looking for military types government types maintenance worker types i'm thinking about throwing my hat in for the maintenance worker type i think if i toss on a hard hat and a tool belt i'm about i'm already about seventy five percent of the way there just kind of cool they're gonna shoot a marvel movie up at shaver lake so also up in the hills and other adjacency to our beautiful town you're semi has a new man at the helm michael reynolds has been with park service for thirty two years and mr reynolds is yosemite is new superintendent and this is a guy who appreciates what he's got here he grew up mariposa county he is overseeing something like five hundred million dollars in deferred maintenance and improvements i'll part of the mercedes river and ptolemy river plans they're going to be restoring their posts posted grove and they're going to be adding something like three hundred parking spaces to yosemite and by the way at this time it looks like the plan to up admission costs is on hold the feedback on this is just as you can imagine has been absolutely overwhelming so they put a pin in that but maintenance absolutely so new parking spaces absolutely owned by the way superintendent reynolds says that despite the presence of a starbucks inside the food cart at the you're semi hotel he has yet to see a an abundance of coffee cup related litter inside the park which i think is a good sign reynolds also says the trump administration is very very supportive of yosemite which is incredibly encouraging to me as a matter of fact he tells the paper quote the secretary had spoken the about really working on the visitor experience and really focusing the money collected at the gate on maintenance needs which sounds exactly right now getting facilities up date is a great idea that lower falls some of the facilities there on the lower falls hike the bathrooms they needed improvement and i'm not talking about ada compliance i'm talking about like maybe knock him down burn the ashes scattered the ashes built.

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