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So the kirk cousins angle is interesting the redskins are back in a position of power now because they could trade him before the league year begins the newly your begins they have m under contract until i guess march thirteenth because the 14th is when the new lead year starts what if there's a team out there that doesn't want to get into a bidding war and is willing to trade a couple of assets in exchange for kirk to make sure that that t that he's a qb doesn't then have to risk the thought of losing the guy they want or will all of the teams that are interested in bringing her cousins on board weight meaning wade out the redskins knowing that the redskins are not going to have him under contract passed a certain point and they would rather take their chances in free agency so there's a there's a song and dance there too for the other teams that need quarterbacks now the kansas city part of this again not a huge surprise maybe the timing is a surprise considering that not only was kirk cousins on radio row this week already whatsoever so alex smith now he'd been saying he'd been preparing to restart his career somewhere else but as recently as monday he was answering questions about his future well answering didn't really have a whole lot of answers when he sat down with jim patrick i wish i knew i wish i wish i got a year to contractor intensity i mean that's not wish asia joe this thing right i mean i know i was i was the one that got to be able to to do this that's just not the reallocate but if you're in control what would you do would you you know jeff listen like i said i mean are you you're not gonna like this answer at all uh i love i love where i'm at right i felt like we 100 xiv the fella we as offensively last year this a ma in awesome things you know so but but who knows around and playing a long enough i've been through this before manila the trade deal so i'm not not naive to it you know this is crazy business loud crazy stuff can happen well yeah and it certainly did on tuesday nights it's after hours here on cbs sports radio so alex mathie my favorite part.

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