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If i was sitting in america as a cool millennial i'm just you know on my ipad tendering away or whatever they do whatever whatever it is get up this is where you make your different this is where you have in effect if you really care about the people stand up and do something stop saying oh they're not as white as me so i don't need to help them and i don't care i care about las vegas i don't care about site night mm the new new in germany this is the middle east peace podcast i'm molly livingstone a little bit under the weather here in jerusalem and alex giles always under the weather in england on the other side of the pond how are you today i see what you did their moley how are you well i've been told them not allowed to cough so i'm going to hold back but that's the only thing i'm going to hold back on you know we're just not used to the rain here alex and i went outside without a jacket the truth is do you remember when we did that interview with the palestinian refugee are generally well they were collecting clothes for the refugee camp and i kindly just i'm just such a good person i gave him my raincoat thinking how all by a new one which i did on ebay for three dollars and it turns out that was the scam so i didn't have a raincoat c good people always lose and so thanks to baltasar you'll be punished will decency yet it's just another you know another wedge.

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