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The driest monsoons on record for most of the state in flagstaff staff saw the price monsoon since since eighteen ninety nine KDKA our sim crosses live in the newscenter about just over two inches of rain of kind of like staff since mid June more than six inches below normal for the months in Prescott show show a grand canyon all well below average air in Phoenix harbor only picked up point point six six inches of rainfall for the entire season that's enough to put monsoon twenty twenty nineteen in fifth place for the driest monsoon on record no Chandler had only about a third of an inch the worsens her summer summer is around the valley had more than three inches of rain patchy junction and the book I found hills just to live an insurgent cross KTAR news zone is on track to break into record in heat associated deaths in this year is not yet over one hundred eighty two were reported last year six Saint Vincent DePaul had to extend its operating hours to meet the band since this year spoke sports a person just Jessica Berg says ninety five percent of their workforce are volunteers we have five dining rooms they all of had extended hours through the summer and our dining room on the Human Services campus has been opened since June tenth every night over eight hundred thousand water bottles were collected this summer with one point two million given away the water or the weather relief shelter is at twenty three thousand stays so far utility assistance was especially huge this summer with flu season approaching now's the time to get your shot doctor Devin minor with banner held urging Kerr says it's hard to predict what this year's flu season we. we like but other countries are providing clues to look at Australia which is kind of the winter season right now and they're getting hit by the flu and they're having a heavier than typical flu season so we're preparing for the worst minor recommends getting the shot now so it'll be in your system before the peak of the season hits..

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